The "Armata" concept was developed in Germany 30 years ago

The concept of the newest Russian T-14 Armata tank was developed and tested in the West, including Germany, 30 years ago. This is reported by Die Welt, citing unnamed experts.

“What seems new in“ Armata ”is not new at all, but was already invented and made in Germany, ” the author of the material is quoted by an anonymous expert in the defense industry.

We are talking, in particular, about such characteristics of the "Armata" as an uninhabited tower and an armored capsule for the crew. A tank with such elements in the late 1980s was developed by order of the German Armed Forces and was supposed to replace the Leopard 2 tank. Responsible for the project were Krauss-Maffei (now Krauss-Maffei Wegmann) and MaK, which is now part of Rheinmetall.

After the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact Organization, as well as the end of the Cold War, the threat from the east also disappeared, and some military projects were stopped, the article says.

In the opinion of some interlocutors of the publication, the implementation of the project was ultimately prevented by “lack of will and money”.

The Armata tank was assembled by the Russian "Uralvagonzavod" and was first presented to the general public at the Victory Parade in Moscow in 2015. One of the tanks stalled during the parade rehearsal. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin later explained that this was due to a crew error.