A selection of smart words to expand your vocabulary

A selection of smart words to replenish vocabulary and raise communication to a new level)

Smart words:

Pragmatic - Practical (Down to earth)

Epate - amaze (stun, shock)

Volunteer - volunteer

Collision - collision (conflict)

Suffragette - feminist

Cayman - crocodile

Genesis - origin (origin, origin.

Exaggerate - exaggerate

Negligee - half-dressed

Ambivalent - dual (ambiguous)

Orthodox - unyielding (orthodox)

Creed - worldview

Profane - ignorant (amateur, layman)

Defamation - libel (gossip)

Rarity - rarity

Gentile - flirtatious (cutesy)

Intoxication - poisoning

Penance - punishment

Monogamy is monogamy.

Pretentiousness - pretentiousness

Latent - hidden

Ambitious - arrogant (conceited, arrogant, ambitious)

Indifferent - indifferent (indifferent, neutral)

Notation - moralizing

Extravagant - unusual (provocative, original, peculiar)

Respectable - respectable (personable, dignified, respectable)

Mercantile - calculating (selfish, petty)

Repression - punishment (punishment, violence)

Legitimate - legitimate

Corsair - pirate

Goalkeeper - goalkeeper

Incident - incident (case)

Preventive - warning

Tactile - tactile

Apogee - highest point (climax, limit)

Scrupulous - meticulous (pedantic)

Charisma - originality (charm, attractiveness)

Honorary - admirer caring for a girl (admirer)

Basurman - a foreigner and a non-believer

Aberration - deviation from the truth, delusion (distortion)

Perdimonocles is complete nonsense, God knows what

Transcendental - unknowable (irrational, incomprehensible)

Ostrakism - banishment (bullying)

Parity - equality (equivalence, equivalence, equality)

To test - to test

Applicant - one who applies for admission to an educational institution

Invariant - unambiguous

Cleverte - henchman (accomplice, accomplice)

Destructive - destructive

Annexation - forced annexation

Matrimonial - marital (conjugal)

Biased - trendy

Proforma - formality

Apologist - supporter (adherent)

Exalted - enthusiastic (excited, enthusiastic)

Synopsis - overview