The most beautiful bridges in the world

Man has learned to overcome obstacles in the form of rivers, straits, canals since ancient times. There was no better way to quickly cross to the other side than across the bridge. Human genius is embodied in the construction of bridges. Technology improved, and helped engineers to embody the most incredible ideas. Among the most beautiful bridges, we have identified those that are filled with the aura of antiquity, and those that amaze with modern technological advances.

Excursion to old woman Europe

Where to find more ancient bridges, if not in old Europe. Our gaze stops at Venice. In the 13th century, a wooden bridge was thrown across the Grand Canal, replacing the pontoon flooring that had been installed since ancient times. In the 14th century, it was renovated, leaving a wooden base. It became stone closer to the 17th century. The bridge is called the Rialto Bridge. Today, souvenir shops are located in its arches.

There is also a bridge in Venice with the romantic name Bridge of Sighs. It was erected at the very beginning of the 17th century. It was originally called that because it was used to transport prisoners from the interrogation room to the prison cells. At the same time, the passers-by sighed desperately. However, over time, the sad story dissipated, and a romantic aura enveloped the bridge. It is believed that lovers sailing under the Bridge of Sighs must seal their love with a long and passionate kiss.

An old and beautiful bridge exists in France. The New Bridge has existed for four hundred years. During the initial construction of the bridge, a roadway and a pedestrian part were provided. Moreover, the sidewalks were covered with partitions so that passers-by would not be splashed with mud by rushing carriages. Today it looks really like new, thanks to recent restoration work.

An overview of the most impressive modern bridges

Among modern buildings, cable-stayed bridges - or suspension bridges - are considered the most impressive. We are returning to France, where in 2004 one of the most stunning buildings was erected - the Miillau Viaduct, built in just three years. It runs through southern France, connecting sections of the Tarn Valley. Driving along it at an altitude of more than 300 meters from the ground, it seems that you are going to infinity. Through the transparent high fences, you can admire the surrounding landscapes.

Before the appearance of the French Viaduct, the highest suspension bridge was the Pearl Bridge, built in Japan, which is almost 4, 000 meters long. It took 10 years to build it.

The largest cable-stayed bridge today is the bridge connecting the Vladivostok Bay with the Russky Island. Its construction took 4 years. The illumination of structures in the evening creates the impression of an unreal picture.

The most-most bridges in Europe

The most beautiful bridge is considered to be Tower Bridge, located in the historic part of London. For eight years, four hundred builders worked on its construction, completing the laborious process in 1894. This is a kind of monument not only to the history, beauty of the architectural structure, but also to the technological achievement of mankind in the 19th century. It is divorced in just one minute with the help of ancient mechanisms, which are under the constant supervision and care of modern engineers.

[/ center] If we say what city can amaze with an abundance of bridges, it is St. Petersburg. The geographical position of the city dictated the need for the emergence of a large number of bridges, of which there are more than 800. Almost each of them deserves attention, being an architectural and historical landmark of the city on the Neva.