What are fireworks made of?

Not only a significant event in the history of a city or country is celebrated with festive fireworks. Many fans of pyrotechnics use fireworks at weddings, anniversaries, some significant events.

Do not forget about the New Year. This is the time when in almost every family people take to the streets after 12 to mark the event with festive fireworks. Have you ever wondered what is inside? We will try to answer this question.

When creating fireworks, components such as sulfur, gunpowder, saltpeter, and charcoal are used. Gunpowder is used to create a firecracker, but smokeless. Various mixtures are used to create a specific color. We see green in the sky thanks to barium, and yellow gives sodium salt, copper gives a bluish tint. The red color is obtained with the addition of lithium, and the white tint comes from magnesium. To increase the brightness of the light, chlorate or perchlorate has to be added.

The Bengal candle is the simplest type of fireworks. Are you getting ready for a significant date or a birthday "on the nose"? Be sure to visit the online store, where various types of sparklers, small firecrackers and fireworks are presented. By the way, the Bengal candle contains a rod, which is covered with metal sawdust, a mixture of an oxidizing agent, and also glue to fix all the components. Thanks to metal filings, sparks are created from sparklers. In the production of firecrackers, a wick and a mixture of oxidants are used. When the firecracker ignites, it immediately explodes, releasing gases that rupture the container.

A few tips for beginner pyrotechnics

Set fire to the fuse, but the explosion never happened? You should not immediately approach the firecracker, especially your own production. Wait 20 minutes, and if you decide to come, be sure to wear a protective mask and gloves. Have you decided to assemble the pyrotechnics yourself? Remember that all manipulations are best done away from fire and flammable objects.

And here is the most interesting fact from the world of pyrotechnics

The most grandiose fireworks took place in Kuwait in honor of the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the constitution. This event took place in 2012. The generous leadership gave the residents an unprecedented performance - a fireworks display that lasted about 58 minutes. Italian pyrotechnics took part in the project. On this day, about 77 thousand volleys were made. This have not happened before. Although the grand fireworks took place in 2012, no one has surpassed it yet. The fireworks have been listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The fireworks went down in history not only as the longest in length, but also as the most expensive. The Kuwaiti authorities spent about 12 million dollars or about 4 million Kuwaiti dinars on the grand spectacle.