Tank biathlon is an amazing sport

Several years ago no one heard of the "tank biathlon", but today tank biathlon is popular and attracts an impressive number of spectators. The ratings of the last games of 2015 beat even the ratings of football matches of the Russian championship.

Tank biathlon emerged in 2013 at the suggestion of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The main rules in tank biathlon are to drive as fast as possible, and shoot more accurately, hitting targets. There are 5 disciplines: individual race, pursuit race, sprint, relay race and sports stage. Participants performed on Russian tanks - T 72B and T 72B3M, the Chinese team brought their tanks - ZTZ 96FA.

To win the individual race, you need to drive the fastest 5 laps of 7 km, overcoming various obstacles. During the passage of the distance, you need to hit targets from a gun, shoot from a machine gun at a conditional air target, as well as from a sapper machine gun at an RPG. If the tank team misses, a time penalty is charged.

Sprint - 2 laps of 3 km and 2 firing lines. At each shooting range, you need to hit 3 targets that are at different distances. The team has the right to use the extra shot. In case of a miss, a penalty loop of 500 meters is awarded.

During the pursuit race, team members start the competition with the sprint backlog. The teams cover 3 laps of 4 km. At stage 2 firing lines. In the first firing position, the teams hit the target with guns, and in the second they shoot from a machine gun at an RPG. Each miss is an additional 500 meter penalty loop.

The sports stage is for crews only. Competitions are held without the participation of combat vehicles. Participants overcome the obstacle course and demonstrate strength skills.

The relay is attended by 4 teams that managed to reach the final. Each team nominates 3 crews, which take turns covering 3 laps of 4 km each. In the relay there are 2 firing lines and a penalty loop of 500 m is also provided for a miss. The team that shows the best results becomes the winner.

Tank biathlon 2015

The World Tank Biathlon Championship was held in Alabino, Moscow Region. A total of 13 countries participated. 4 teams from Russia, China, Serbia and Kazakhstan made it to the final. According to the results of the final stage, the places were distributed as follows:




There were various obstacles on the way of the participants, which we will consider in detail:

Ford - depth 1, 2, length 25 meters. The tank needs to go through this section without stopping.

Wall - Destroy a wall on the move with the hull.

Hill - Climb a slope of about 10 meters.

Escarp is a small hill, which is made at an angle of 85 degrees and is almost a vertical wall.

Section 20 - the tank needs to drive past the restrictive pillars using reverse gear.

The organizers promise to expand the list of participating countries, and in 2016, tank biathlon will be even more interesting. Competitions are usually held in August. So don't miss the new competition coming this year.