The whole truth about climate weapons

Humanity has long tried to use the power of nature to destroy the enemy. It turns out that the development of climate weapons has been crowned with success. Unofficial sources claim that the arsenal has already been prepared and used repeatedly.


In the mid-1950s, scientists studied the climate. In the end, it was possible to artificially create clouds and cause rains, as well as disperse clouds. But the research did not end there. The US military first used its arsenal during the Vietnam conflict. They sprayed chemical elements over a small area, which caused heavy rains, eroding the communications of the partisans. The effect was short-lived, and the costs were enormous. John Von Neumann has developed a weapon that can create hurricanes in enemy territory. The UN adopted a resolution in 1977 banning the use of climate weapons.

American HAARP and Russian "Sura"

In Alaska, in the early 90s, the Americans built the HAARP complex, which occupies 13 GA. According to official data, the object is studying the ionosphere of the planet. The Russian "Sura" is engaged in the study of electromagnetism in the atmosphere. All information about the activities of the complexes is kept in the strictest confidence. According to unofficial sources, the HAARP complex is capable of causing earthquakes and tsunamis, but the creators deny this fact. A US scientist accused Russia of creating Hurricane Katrina using the Sura installation, but the Russian side completely denies this fact.


Climatic weapons are the reality of our time. There is no doubt that there are more powerful developments that create earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis. It is very risky to use such installations on a large scale, as they can cause irreparable damage to the infrastructure of the aggressor. Humanity cannot yet fully control the climate and weather conditions. Developments in this area have been going on for more than a decade, but so far there is no need to talk about the creation of effective weapons. Hundreds of weather balloons are monitoring the climate, and the use of climate weapons will not go unnoticed, which will cause a wide resonance in the world community.