How did Einstein actually study?

One can often hear the opinion that Einstein had a poor understanding of mathematics and generally studied extremely poorly. This argument is often cited as an "excuse" for the poor performance of today's schoolchildren. But is it?

In fact, Albert Einstein demonstrated phenomenal success in mathematics and physics from an early age. During his school years, he already knew these subjects to a much greater extent than was required by the school curriculum, and received only excellent grades in physics and mathematics.

But where did this strange delusion come from, as if Einstein still did not know mathematics? The fact is that Einstein did not manage to enter the Swiss Higher Polytechnic School in Zurich the first time. However, during the entrance exams, he nevertheless passed physics and mathematics with the highest marks, but did not reach the required results in some other subjects. In addition, a year later, at the age of 17, Einstein, pulling up the rest of the subjects, entered this university. Therefore, the reason for the emergence of this myth is still not fully understood.

It is also interesting to think about why this myth still exists and is not forgotten? Everything is simple here. The fact is that lazy people in such fictional stories find an excuse for themselves. For example, those who do not do well at school and believe in the myth about Einstein may say: "I am like Einstein, I just do not strain ahead of time, but someday, I will still show what I am capable of ...". But they just won't show anything ...