The father of cybernetics, Norbert Wiener, was famous for his extreme forgetfulness.

When his family moved to a new apartment, his wife put a piece of paper in his wallet, on which they wrote down their new address - she perfectly understood that otherwise her husband would not be able to find his way home.

Nevertheless, on the very first day, when he had another great idea at work, he reached into his wallet, took out a piece of paper with an address, wrote several formulas on the back of it, realized that the idea was wrong and threw the piece into the trash can.

In the evening, as if nothing had happened, he drove to his former address.

When it was discovered that no one was living in the old house, he went out into the street in complete confusion ... Suddenly it dawned on him, he approached a girl standing nearby and said: "Excuse me, perhaps you remember me. I am Professor Wiener, and mine the family recently moved from here. Could you tell me where exactly? "

The girl listened to him very carefully and replied:

"Yes, Dad, Mom thought you'd forget it."