Instructive sayings of the Indians

Instructive Indian Sayings - Write a Little Thought for Tuesday Night

1. A good person sees good signs.

2. It takes silent days to hear yourself.

3. If you notice that you are riding a dead horse - get off!

4. The one who is silent knows twice as much as the chatterbox.

5. There are many ways to smell like a skunk.

6. “It is necessary” - only to die.

7. First look at the footprints of your moccasins before judging other people's faults.

8. Homeland is where you feel good.

9. If you have something to say, get up to be seen.

10. The enemy is not always the enemy, but each other.

11. Do not judge a person until two moons have passed in his moccasins.

12. Everything in the world has its own song.

13. A child is a guest in your house: feed, learn and let go.

14. A well-spoken word is better than a well-thrown ax.

15. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.

16. Life flows from the inside to the outside. By following this thought, you yourself will become the truth.

17. The soul will not have a rainbow if there were no tears in the eyes.

18. There is no death. There is only a transition between worlds.

19. Talk to the children when they eat, and what you say will remain even when you are gone.

20. When you see that the rattlesnake is preparing to strike - hit first.

21. Man must make his own arrows.

22. The white man has too many bosses.

23. When you tie a horse to a pole, do you expect it to work up strength?

24. Everything on earth has its purpose, each disease is a medicine that heals it, and each person has a purpose.

25. The frog does not drink the pond in which it lives.

26. Tell me - and I will forget, show me - and I will not be able to remember, involve me in participation - and I will understand.