13 signs you have the best husband

Husbands are truly great people. What a pity that good spouses don't grow on trees. If your significant other does these 13 things, then you can consider yourself the happiest woman who got the best husband in the world.

He regularly wins your heart. Such a gentleman looks after his wife: gives her flowers, invites her on dates, arranges romantic surprises. The ideal husband understands that it is not enough to win a woman once. And he shows her his love day after day. He consults with you Spouses should be for each other not only roommates and lovers, but also faithful advisers. If the husband really trusts his wife's opinion, then the choice in his favor was made correctly. No, it's not about keeping your beloved under your thumb. But making important decisions together is a valuable family opportunity.

He praises you in front of his friends. Has your spouse ever told his comrades how lucky he is with his wife? Perhaps you just didn’t hear it. After all, the ideal husband will not necessarily say such things for show. But you can be sure that something like this will escape his lips.

He lowers the toilet lid. There is nothing worse than trivial everyday problems. Therefore, it will not be difficult for a good spouse to remember some simple rules so as not to upset you. After all, it only takes a couple of seconds to lower the toilet lid. He holds your hand No matter where you are going - to visit your parents, to a restaurant or just to the store, a truly loving man will squeeze your palm tightly. In this way, he shows his concern.

He is not into pornography. For a better husband, you will be the only attractive woman. So forget about dreaming about the perfect spouse if he regularly reviews erotic magazines. He puts up with your character once a month Whatever loving wife you are, from time to time you turn into an evil beast. After all, hormonal explosions have not been canceled. A good husband understands this. He helps you with household chores. If a man values ​​and respects his woman, he will not make her a housekeeper. He realizes that you, too, are tired at work, and therefore will always help with cleaning, washing or other things. Moreover, the joint efforts will be completed faster, and, perhaps, there will even be time for a romantic evening.

He laughs with you What could be better than having fun together? It's so great when both of you laugh at the same things. This brings you closer and makes you appreciate your partner even more. And let the whole world not understand you - the main thing is that you both feel good. He is a support for his family. It is difficult for an ideal spouse to give all 100 at work, but he does it for the sake of those who are waiting for him at home. Such a man never stops making every effort to any business. He always eats what you cook. Even if you are not a chef, a loving husband will eat the dinner offered to him with a smile on his face. He would never give the impression that the food was not tasty.

He develops his relationship with God. No, you don't have to marry a priest. But for a good spouse it will only be a plus if he recognizes the authority of the Almighty. He is trying to be better for you Even if your husband is far from perfect, this is not a reason not to consider him the best in the world. If a man is constantly working on himself in order to become better for his woman, then he deserves this title.