The Horse Cried at the Owner's Funeral / Amazing Devotion

The most devoted and faithful friend for a person is his animal household. Brazilian Wagner Figueredo de Lim considered for decades a devoted companion of his horse Sereno. Their faithful friendship lasted until the moment when the man got into a car accident.

His brother, Wando, more than once noticing and seeing how important his beloved horse had for the deceased, brought Sereno to his friend's funeral. At the time of Wagner's burial, an amazing circumstance happened: the horse began to sob as if it were crying for its lost comrade.

One of those present at the funeral says that he witnessed how the horse sniffed its master in the coffin and then giggled sadly.


“It was clear that he was overcome by feelings. Everyone who attended the funeral was moved to the core. I couldn't even hold back my tears, ”says one of the eyewitnesses of the incident.

All the way to the cemetery, Sereno hit the ground with his hooves and cried. Then he bowed his head over the last refuge of his master, saying goodbye to him forever.