Bad memory? Simple tips to improve your memory

There are many ways to combat your forgetfulness. If a very bad memory is not the result of serious injury or illness, then the following tips will help get rid of it:

1. Be attentive. Try to focus on whatever you are doing. If you remember an important task, try to complete it immediately, and the information from the world around you will help you learn to memorize sooner. For example, when you park your car, look around and say to yourself that your car is standing in front of an entrance with a sign like this, and two trees are growing nearby. Thus, you use several memory channels at once, which will help you to better reproduce information.

2. Don't get distracted. If you are looking for an object, entering the room, say to yourself something like: "I am going for the keys" and look for the keys, without being distracted by extraneous things or the TV.

3. Try to create logical chains and associative series. Let's say you need to remember Ivanov Street 10. Imagine an acquaintance with such a surname, who will come to you at 10 am. The same applies to new names. Let's say you can't remember your boss's last name. Think about what associations it evokes in you. And each time, when faced with this person, reproduce the remembered image in your head.

4. If poor memory is the result of a lack of vitamins, what to do in this case? Scientists have conducted a number of studies, during which it became known that a deficiency of such substances as iron, boron and zinc leads to a weakening of the memory function. To ensure that the body is saturated with them in sufficient quantities, try to eat meat, fruits and vegetables several times a week.

The main reason for forgetfulness is often the wrong lifestyle. The use of junk food and alcohol, constant rush, stress, chronic fatigue - all this leads to malfunctioning of the brain. Correct all the shortcomings of your daily life, lead it in a healthy way, and then even in old age you will not be afraid of any illnesses.