Dead Sea Air

There are no allergens in the air of the Dead Sea. Not a single tourist who comes here will cough, suffocate or become covered with scarlet spots. It seems incredible at first, but there is a logical explanation for everything.

These properties of this place are explained by the location of this water basin. And it is located in a lowland, and above it, the atmospheric column is 400 meters larger, so harmful sun rays do not pass through it. You can sunbathe there without restrictions, at any time of the day, even for people with sensitive skin.

It should be noted that the oxygen content in the local air is 10-11 percent more than anywhere on the planet. The air is saturated with salts that fill the atmosphere with negatively charged ions, which are extremely useful in curing lung diseases. Therefore, these resorts are very popular among people with chronic lung diseases.

The air at the Dead Sea health resorts heals such ailments as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, and chronic bronchitis. Colds, flu and sore throats disappear without a trace after a few days at the Dead Sea.

The local air also helps people with diseases of the nervous system, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or post-stress syndrome, as well as with neuroses and astheno-neurotic conditions.

The effect on the nervous system is explained by the content of bromine salts in the atmosphere of the Dead Sea - a chemical element that inhibits the central nervous system. The concentration of this element in the air of the Dead Sea is an order of magnitude higher than in any other place on Earth.

There are comfortable hotels in the Dead Sea region, as well as clean beaches. Here, vacationers are offered healing procedures using the Dead Sea water, as well as mud. This is a multitude of services offered by clinics and various spa salons. In the clinics located on the Dead Sea, there are many different health and wellness programs. With their help, a large number of various diseases are treated.

All this, soft air, healing water, mud, as well as sources of hydrogen sulfide have a beneficial effect on the human body. This combination has a truly miraculous effect on health.

Coming to the Dead Sea, people expect that not only water and mud, but also air will help in the fight against diseases in this amazing place, return them strength and health.