Futuristic Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

On the shores of Marina Bay in central Singapore is the amazing Gardens by the Bay tropical park. It is a huge park area covering 101 hectares of reclaimed land. The park consists of three gardens: East, South and Central, which are dedicated to the flora of Africa, South America and Asia.

Gardens by the Bay is an integral part of the Singapore government's strategy to transform Singapore from a Garden City to a Garden City to improve the quality of life through landscaping. The public announcement of the idea of ​​creating such a large-scale project took place back in 2005, and the official opening of the unique futuristic gardens took place in June 2012.

The concept and design of the tropical park was developed by a team of British designers from various companies: Land Design Studio, Atelier Ten, Thomas Matthews, Atelier One, Grant Associates, Wilkinson Eyre.

Gardens by the Bay boasts 225, 000 plants from various continents, water gardens, greenhouses, pools, waterfalls, and an unusual alley of 18 giant Supertrees Grove trees.

Unusual structures in the dark turn into a forest glowing with colorful lights. The height of the huge tree-like structures ranges from 25 to 50 meters. They are home to unique tropical plants including exotic ferns, orchids and rare lianas. In addition, structures made of concrete and iron bars imitate the life processes of trees - they use solar energy for some important functions.

The energy-storing photovoltaic panels that are installed on some of them allow these fantastic plants to shine at night. Other trees are used to condition greenhouses and collect rainwater for fountains and irrigation. Metal giants entwined with tropical plants are connected by overhead passages, from which it is very convenient to enjoy the surrounding landscapes. You can climb to the observation deck, located under the crowns of two large super-trees, along the OCBC Skyway hiking trail, which is at a height of 22 meters, and visitors can relax and eat in the Supertree-top cafe, which lies at a 50-meter height. At night, the quirky Supertrees Grove comes alive with the OCBC Garden Rapsody light and music show.

Gardens by the Bay park complex consists of two greenhouses - Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, which are located on the edge of the Marina Bay coastline.

The first of them - the Flower Dome - is larger than its neighbor and has an area of ​​1.2 hectares; it bears the status of the world's largest frameless greenhouse. It is home to the flora of the Mediterranean and other semi-arid tropical regions with a mild dry climate. The greenhouse includes 7 themed gardens (South America, South Africa, Australia, California, Mediterranean, Baobabs, Succulents), an olive grove, cafes and multimedia screens. The height of the Flower Dome is 38 meters, and the average temperature maintained in the room is 23-25 ​​° C.

In the greenhouse called "Cloud Forest" with an area of ​​0.8 hectares, conditions of a humid equatorial climate are created, typical for tropical mountain regions at an altitude of 1000-3000 meters. It features a 35-meter waterfall, a 42-meter mountain covered with lush exotic vegetation, and a spiraling aerial trail.

Gardens by the Bay Tropical Park also features Heritage Gardens, which is dedicated to the history of the Singaporean people, Plant World, which features numerous flora species, and Kingfisher and Dragonfly Lakes for hiking trails.

In 2014, the complex was replenished with a Children's Garden with water activities and a playground, an obstacle course, tree houses and an amphitheater hidden from the sun and rain.

Open-air gardens are visited from 5 am to 2 am. Entrance to the greenhouses is available every day from 9 am to 9 pm. The ticket price is $ 28 for adults and $ 15 for young visitors from 3 to 12 years old. A walk along the OCBS Skyway suspended between giant trees will cost $ 5 for adults and $ 3 for children. You can buy tickets online at the park's official website.

The best time to visit Gardens by the Bay is in the late evening, when you have the opportunity to enjoy the riches of the greenhouses and at the same time admire the night light show.


To get to the tropical complex Gardens by the Bay, you can take a direct flight of Singapore Airlines, which runs between Moscow and Singapore. The flight will take approximately 10.5 hours. European and Asian airlines also offer suitable flights, but with connections in other countries.

In Singapore, the closest metro station to Gardens by the Bay is called Bayfront MRT Station (CE1). Another option is bus 400, which departs from Marina Bay MRT Station (NS27 / CE2).