What day of the week you were born tells about you

The day of the week you were born can tell a lot more about you than you knew before.

Seven days a week - seven different personality types.

What does the day of the week when you were born say about you?

If you do not know what day of the week you were born, you can find out here by entering your date of birth.

If you were born on MONDAY

Monday is the day of the moon. The energy of the day is feminine, soft.

1. You think creatively, but have the tendency to keep a lot of good ideas to yourself.

2. You are very empathetic and empathetic.

3. Family and a few close friends are the most important things in your life.

4. You are an excellent negotiator and always try to make sure that all parties get what they want.

5. Your success is your leadership in business.

If you degenerate on TUESDAY

Tuesday is Mars day. The energy is fiery, active.

1. You have a lot of energy and drive.

2. People are drawn to you and always help.

3. You are successful in building a career.

4. You sometimes worry about things that you cannot control.

5. You enjoy having good, quality things, so saving money is a real challenge for you.

6. You are honest and do what you think is right.

7. You are sensitive to criticism.

8. You know how to put people in their place.

If you were born on WEDNESDAY

Wednesday is the day of Mercury. The energy is light and positive.

1. You learn new things quickly and do your job well.

2. You are always organized.

3. You are very light on your feet, and others like how relaxed you look.

4. You enjoy learning from other people, you love communication.

5. You know how to get along with different people.

6. You like your job and the people you work with.

If you were born on THURSDAY

Thursday is the day of Jupiter. The energy is blessed and blissful.

1. You are an optimist.

2. You are independent in your work.

3. You are a respected person. In turn, you respect people too.

4. You have leadership qualities and you know how to get to the top.

5. You don't like people who criticize you. Often you are offended by them.

6. People are drawn to you because of your natural charisma.

7. Your range of interests is very wide, but at the same time, you quickly get bored.

If you were born on FRIDAY

Friday is the day of Venus. Sensual, feminine energy.

1. You value beauty and harmony and try to create it around you.

2. You are the most creative person of all your friends.

3. When it comes to relationships, you are emotionally sensitive.

4. Your intuition is well developed.

5. You are a spiritual person.

6. You have worldly wisdom, your soul has become old for a long time.

If you were born on SATURDAY

Saturday is the day of Saturn. Energy is heavy.

1. You are entrusted with many responsibilities and are trustworthy.

2. You tend to live in the past or future, but not in the present.

3. You are smart, many people born on Saturday are perfectionists.

4. You take pride in your appearance and love to take the time to clean up yourself.

5. When you are asked to express your opinion, you are telling the truth, even if it is something unpleasant.

6. You have a natural self-confidence that people around you don't always like.

If you were born on SUNDAY

Sunday is the day of the sun, father's day.

1. You like to give.

2. You enjoy spending time alone.

3. You get frustrated easily, so you can leave many projects unfinished.

4. You are very emotionally sensitive and react sharply to the comments of other people in your address.

5. You need a lot of time to be open with a person. It's all because of your suspicious nature.

6. You have a positive outlook on life.