Depression is good for your health

Anyone with depression, whether mild or severe, may find it ridiculous or derisive to claim it is helpful. After all, clinical depression is a terrible disease that breaks a person's life. And yet, experts say that it can help some people.

“I believe that people who have overcome depression become stronger. She can be a catalyst for survival because you looked into the abyss and saw her, ”said Marjorie Wallace, founder and head of SANE, who has suffered from depression herself in the past.

Two years ago, New York University's Jerome Wakefield, The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Turned Normal Sadness into Pathological Depression, also supports the new theory. The author has proven that depression can push us to make positive changes in our lives, help us learn from our mistakes and sort out our desires. Dutch scientists have found that people who have suffered depression cope better with life's trials, they have good health and psyche, and they are more efficient.

In addition, in 2002, researchers at Duke University found that women with depression live longer. This led the professors to believe that people with mild depression are better at adapting to life and avoiding dangerous situations.

Other experts are wary of the theory. "Depression can end in suicide, so you shouldn't take these studies seriously, " says Mind's Bridget O'Connell.

According to Dr. Paul Kidwell, an expert in mental disorders at Cardiff University, depression can still be good for us, because the mechanism of coping with it has an evolutionary basis: depression encourages people to eliminate factors that cause chronic stress from their lives. “Although depression is a terrible disease and no one would choose to go through it again, it helps us to be more realistic, ” added the professor. And he warned that antidepressants are powerless in the fight against the disease, if a person does not give up the lifestyle that provokes depression.

Linda Jones, a journalist who regularly blogs on mental health (in Breaking Silence) and a depression survivor herself, said that her life and the lives of millions of others have not improved since the depression. In her opinion, depression makes people weak and defenseless.

In turn, Marjorie Wallace said that not everyone can feel the positive effects of depression. “It depends on the duration and severity of the disease, and some are immune to treatment, ” she said. It should also be borne in mind that some, after improvement, fall back into depression.