35 signs that you have matured

1. You have finally come to terms with the fact that you have no chance to get to know Alain Delon, Claude Van Damme or Oleg Menshikov better.

2. At least once you have had a chance to change your mind on an important issue.

3. You no longer get burnt in the sun "accidentally".

4. You know that Versace and Armani are not islands in the Mediterranean.

5. Sometimes on Saturdays you stay at home and get real pleasure from it.

6. You happen to drink champagne while sitting in the bath.

7. You go to the same hairdresser and he knows you by name.

8. You always - and not every time - turn out well at least one delicious dish.

9. You have at least one non-dead plant at home.

10. Your nose no longer seems too long or not straight enough to you.

11. Have you ever received a bouquet of flowers from a person who wished to remain anonymous.

12. You know exactly what date "your days" will begin

13. You have identical glasses for six guests.

14. You no longer get complex because you never learned to play the guitar.

15. You know how to interrupt a prolonged telephone conversation without offending the interlocutor and without feeling like a villain.

16. You always have a pair of new tights ready.

17. You don't feel obligated to make excuses to anyone if you enjoy watching a stupid TV series.

18. You have more than a pair of shoes for each season.

19. You can say no without fear.

20. Have you ever ironed something that is usually worn not ironed (jeans, for example).

21. You love to make generous gifts without expecting to receive an expensive item in return.

22. You had a chance to dine alone in a restaurant.

23. Do you remember how you wore what is now fashionable again.

24. You will no longer flirt with a casual acquaintance.

25. You managed to get rid of at least one of the bad habits.

26. You managed to develop at least one healthy habit in yourself.

27. You do not show tolerance and good nature when you are poorly served

28. You replaced disposable tablecloths with linen ones: they make the house more comfortable with them.

29. Have you tried raw fish (frog legs, oysters).

30. You know how to read menus in other languages, and boldly ask the waiter about unfamiliar dishes.

31. You are fluent in the art of eyeliner and shading.

32. You've had at least one really creepy romance.

33. You had at least one really beautiful novel.

34. You bought less. but more expensive.

35. You are drawn to re-read the works of the classics that you hated at school.

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