Lose weight at the cost of health: 5 popular diets that will kill you

When choosing a diet, we do not often think about health. Our goal is to lose weight and, if possible, as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, most diets significantly worsen the state of health, increase the risk of developing quite serious diseases.

Mikhail Gavrilov psychotherapist, Ph.D., author of a patented technique for correcting eating behavior and weight loss, member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM, USA)


diet These include a diet with a reduced calorie content - up to 1000 kcal. Such a diet can include different food groups, but even so, it can significantly undermine health. In conditions of a sharp deficit of calories, the body begins to save energy, including for basic metabolism: the rate of all metabolic processes, both decay and synthesis, decreases. The breakdown of fat, the formation of hormones, which are involved in the utilization of fat reserves, control of appetite, and the synthesis of muscle fibers, are slowed down. You will, of course, lose weight, but after returning to your normal diet, taking into account the slowed metabolism, you will quickly gain the lost pounds. Such fluctuations in weight, in principle, are not useful - they increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.


diet These include the use of any one product for a long time - usually a week or more. It can be kefir, chicken breast, boiled eggs, rice, buckwheat, and so on ... Alas, not one even the most useful product can provide the body with all the substances it needs. The obvious fact is that in this case you will be faced with a condition that is in one way or another associated with a deficiency of a particular nutrient. And there are many of them: a decrease in local immunity, and impaired blood circulation and digestion, and a deterioration in the condition of the skin, hair and nails, and changes in eating behavior (bulimia, anorexia), and even infertility.

By the way, this will also affect the appearance. After all, the “starving” cells of your body will “pull out” the missing trace elements and vitamins from their own reserves. Because of this, first of all, the appearance of the skin, hair and nails, and dental health will suffer.


Diet The diet is based on protein products: dairy, meat, eggs, legumes. What's good about her is the feeling of satiety. What's bad is the abundance of protein processed products. Your liver may not be able to handle them, and your kidneys may not be able to handle them. As a result, they will circulate in the blood, shifting the pH of the body towards the acidic side. Acidification of the internal environment is fraught with disruption of the activity of hormones and enzymes, a decrease in the rate of synthesis and decay processes. The main product of protein processing is uric acid, which can crystallize and be deposited, for example, in the kidneys as stones or in the joints, increasing the risk of arthritis. And proteins are digested for a long time, which increases the load on the digestive system, provoking gas formation and constipation.


Diet Low-carb diets include the so-called keto diets with a predominance of proteins, fats and vegetables and with a minimum content of cereals, cereals, fruits and berries. As you know, glucose is the main source of energy for our brain. Its deficiency leads to the death of nerve cells and deterioration of the brain. Get ready for the fact that you will be difficult to think, memorize something slowly. And no sports, walks with children and get-togethers with girlfriends - you simply will not have enough strength for this.

It should be noted that in some cases, such a diet can be beneficial. For example, when it comes to reducing the sensitivity of cells to insulin or in the case of cancer. It is known that all cells of our body can receive energy from ketone bodies, which are formed during the breakdown of carbohydrates. Only while the body switches to a new way of getting energy, you will feel, frankly, unimportant. Dizziness, loss of strength, weakness, fainting will be your companions for many days. Therefore, it is not worth excluding carbohydrates from your diet just like that, only for medical reasons. Why scoff at your own body if it is possible to lose weight on a balanced diet?


The diet of a raw foodist is in many ways reminiscent of the menu of primitive people who did not process foods thermally, but ate everything raw. Then about 3 thousand species of animals (insects, fish, molluscs, etc.) and about 10 thousand plants were used for food. The diet of a modern person is not so diverse. However, there are those who want to return to the way of feeding their distant ancestors even now. In principle, if you have animal products on your table, then the diet can be called rational. The only thing you may encounter is disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines due to the large amount of thermally unprocessed fiber in the diet.

A raw vegetarian diet is not balanced. They lack a number of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Those who eat exclusively plant foods, in 90% of cases, are deficient in iron and B vitamins. This can cause anemia, reproductive disorders, a decrease in the detoxifying functions of the body, and an increase in depressive conditions. After blood tests, you can select an individual complex of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins that will complement your diet. Based on materials from cosmo.ru