12 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Brain

While scientists are trying to investigate human behavior, it will not be superfluous to follow simple ways to improve their thinking ability.

1. Eat almonds

Almonds are believed to improve memory. Add almond oil to milk and drink before bed or in the morning and you will feel better your memory. Almond milk can be prepared by peeling almonds, chopping them finely, and adding sugar and water.

2. Drink apple juice

Research from the University of Massachusetts has shown that apple juice increases the production of acetylcholine, which is essential for the transmission of nerve stimuli. As a result, memory is improved.

3. Sleep well

Studies have shown that during sleep, the events of the past day are replayed. This improves long-term memory. Thanks to these repetitions, our subconscious mind is programmed to accumulate these images and related information.

4. Have fun with simple things

Stress drains our brains. Under stress, the brain requires more memory resources, weakening our mind. Make it a habit to be distracted every day by simple, enjoyable activities that can help relieve stress. Some of them are equally good for your mind, your body and your soul.

• Listen to the music you like

• Play with the kids

• Enjoy meeting a stranger

• Observe the good in others

• Go for a run, bike, or swim daily

• Start a blog

• Do yoga or any other exercise to improve your overall tone

5. Sit a day on a diet

Fasting therapy cleanses our body and detoxifies. It is common knowledge that heavy food not only harms our digestive system, but also impairs brain function. Through fasting, negative emotions such as fear, grief, anxiety, fear subside - before they accumulate in sufficient quantities to cause illness. By ridding you of negative emotions, fasting increases mental clarity. This in turn improves memory, concentration, creativity and discernment.

6. Train your mind

Exercise is essential for a strong body. But exercise is also necessary for the brain to keep you smart and observant. Have you noticed how much a child's mind is more mobile than an adult? Children's minds are inquisitive, and this contributes to a good memory. Doing one of the following will help your mind stay inquisitive and active.

• Play word and crossword puzzles

• Offer your help to others

• Chat with others

• Do something new to you - start blogging, reading, drawing, eventually become an amateur birdwatcher

• Learn a new specialty or learn a new language

7. Practice yoga or meditation

Yoga relieves stress. It's common knowledge that stress impairs memory. The less stress, the lower the blood pressure, the calmer the breathing. The metabolism slows down and the muscles relax. All this contributes to the functioning of the brain.

8. Reduce sugar intake

Sugar is not food. It is a form of carbons that only provides the illusion of energy that causes the initial burst to be followed by an immediate decay. Symptoms of neurasthenia are the result of excess sugar. Excess sugar can also trigger claustrophobia, memory loss, and nervous breakdowns. Don't add sugar to food. Avoid drinking sugary drinks and drinking too much sugar and caffeine.

9. Eat whole grain flour products

Whole grain flour contains lecithin. Lecithin is useful for atherosclerosis, which impairs brain function.

10. Do not eat densely at night

Eating heavy meals at night causes discomfort and prolonged stress during sleep. It is wise to eat heavy meals during the day when you are in constant motion and therefore are able to digest it all. But light food, especially fruit, can help you get a good night's sleep. And good sleep has a beneficial effect on brain function.

11. Develop your imagination

The Greeks came up with a rule of imagination and association that helps to remember everything that is needed. This method requires the development of a vivid and colorful imagination, which makes it possible to establish connections between objects. If you use in a single process of imagination all your senses of perception - touch, smell, sight, hearing - then you will be able to remember the smallest details of the event.

12. Keep your irritability under control

Food that is far from natural, with a high content of starch, white bread - all this worsens the state of the nervous system. This can lead to outbursts of rage and then depression. Eat fresh vegetables. Drink plenty of water and practice yoga to relieve negative emotions and mood swings.