What not to do to get a man's attention

Trying to attract the attention of the guy they like, girls often achieve the exact opposite effect. Here are 12 of the most common mistakes the fairer sex makes:

1) Send your intimate photos

He absolutely does not need to see you naked in order to understand how beautiful you are. If a man is really interested in you, he knows it from the very first meeting.

2) Dressing up too much

Not that you have to show up for a date uncombed and in stretched sweatpants, not at all. It's just that a man who has sincere feelings will not be upset and, even more so, will not decide to break off the relationship when he sees you in ordinary jeans and sneakers. So it is not at all necessary to dig up your entire wardrobe in search of a “model-like” outfit. Be yourself and smile more often.

3) Sex

Intimacy is certainly an important component of a relationship, but not the only one. And he certainly cannot be the cause or starting point of your relationship. If you are interested in a sincere and lasting relationship, you should like each other before having sex. The romantic relationship should also start some time before you spend the night together. He does not need to additionally ask the opinion of his penis in order to understand whether he is interested in a woman or not.

4) Lose weight

Let's clarify right away: if a girl decides to slim down a little in order to become healthier and more attractive, this is one thing, but if she loses weight in order to please a particular person, this is completely different. If he is interested in you, then you are attractive, the way you are. The real feeling is built not only on the relief muscles and a flat tummy: a wonderful smile, ringing laughter and many other small "attractions", among which abs cubes are not in the first place.

5) Induce Jealousy

He doesn't need to be jealous of you all the time in order to experience feelings. If you are attractive to him only when you are not available, be careful: he will grow cold soon after the beginning of your relationship. As soon as the risk of losing his chosen one disappears, his excitement will also fade away.

6) Sex by phone / SMS

Your sexual desires shouldn't be the only topic of conversation. If you really like each other, you will find something to talk about besides sexual fantasies. Movies, music, books, your hobbies - all this can be discussed. Leave sex for the bedroom.

7) Pamper him

If you need to give him gifts or in some other way "buy" his attention, think about whether you need such a relationship. Indeed, in a couple, people should be attractive to each other by themselves, without additional "bonuses". Yes, he may not be rich, and you can even split the check in half at a restaurant. But if he is only interested in the material benefit from your relationship, how can this be called a feeling?

8) Inundate him with messages and calls

If a man is in love with a woman or just has sympathy for her, he will find time to call or write. You don't need to write him thousands of SMS and send him gigabytes of photos on Instagram. Believe me: if he needs you, he will remember you and call, and if not, then countless reminders about himself will not help.

9) Lie

This is especially true of the standard information that people learn about during the first meeting: your hobbies, family and other integral parts of your life and personality - all this should be pure truth. After all, if you have to pretend to be someone else in order to please a man, he probably needs someone else.

10) Bragging and bragging

Of course, there is no need to be silent about your achievements, but talking about them all evening in anticipation of a standing ovation is not a good idea. Not to mention your accomplishments on the love front: it’s better to leave stories about another ardent admirer for a friend. Another bad thought is to start criticizing the appearance of the women around you, trying to stand out from them. If a man is attracted to you, he does not notice anyone except you - do not distract him and do not present yourself as a complete idiot.

11) Being too eccentric and extravagant

It is not at all necessary to get drunk and climb on the table shouting "now I will show you how to dance!" After this, of course, he will not forget you, but he is unlikely to want to see you again.

12) Change yourself

If only because you are exactly who you are - someone already needs you very much. There is no need to chase fashion or its ideas about beauty. Be yourself and remember - you are already beautiful.