What prompts a man to never cheat on his woman?

What can make a man never cheat on his woman? We would like to think that the man we are dating will never cheat on us. But the truth is, cheating happens, and quite often.

Men are cheating: sometimes to us, sometimes to us. We are constantly trying to understand why they are doing this. And there can be many reasons for this: this is a lack of open and close communication in a relationship, when a man does not feel that a woman understands his needs and desires.

If it is difficult to deal with this, then we will go from the opposite. What can make a man never cheat on his woman? Here's what they say themselves:

1. This is education.

“This is how I was brought up. My father was a family lawyer; as a child, I often visited his office and heard how cheating ruined families and lives. At the age of 12, I swore that I would never do that myself, and never did that. "

2. When a woman loves him for who he is.

“It's not just about sex. Of course, good sex helps. But the main thing is that a woman accepts me for who I am. Men don't like it when people try to change them. "

3. It is expensive to change.

"To be honest, it is cheaper to provide only your wife than to lose her and look for another."

4. Too many experiences are not sexy.

“Every time I start fantasizing about passionate sex with a stranger, my hands start to sweat from anxiety. And it's not just the fear of being caught. After all, this means that I will have to lie, remember my lies, start a sexual relationship with a new person, get used to and adapt, and of course, imagine the reaction of family, friends and wife if everything becomes known. At the same time, no matter how good sex may be, it does not compensate for all these experiences, which are not at all sexual. "

5. The consequences are worse than the process.

“Of course, there is definitely something dizzy in feeling the attention of another woman, her desire for you, the novelty of sex, some kind of animal passion. But then, after all, three consequences await anyway: you will be caught, you will be tormented by a feeling of guilt, and nothing, emptiness. I would not want to realize that I have no conscience at all in relation to my relationship and my woman. "

6. Better to show attention and improve relationships with your woman.

“Actually, it's not hard to spend 5 minutes to show attention to your girlfriend. To hug her in passing, massage her neck while she cooks something in the kitchen, open a bottle of wine and relax with her. Emotional closeness cannot be betrayed. "

7. I don't want anyone else.

"When I'm in a relationship, I only spend my time and energy on that person, and I'm not interested in anyone else."

8. Appreciate what you have.

“Sexual satisfaction from sex, on the other hand, is fleeting. If you have children, you must think about what kind of example you are setting them. Appreciate the life you have. Solve the problems that made you want to cheat on your wife. True love will make your sex more passionate and satisfying. "

9. The game is not worth the candle.

“Secs are great, but they are not much different from each other. Yes, the other woman may be a little prettier, more experienced or naive, but in general, everything is the same. And if everything is found out, it will cost a lot. "