Why allergies have worsened: 4 non-obvious reasons

Runny nose, tearing, itching in the nasopharynx and an urgent need to sneeze are all symptoms of allergies. As a rule, they are exacerbated in spring and summer, but sometimes this happens for completely inexplicable reasons. Seemingly. Because in fact they can be explained, the main thing is to know what else can provoke an allergic reaction, besides dust and bloom.

Many people mistakenly think they are allergic to penicillin

Below are four non-obvious reasons that can trigger allergies.

Climate change

Aggravation of allergies is one of the few risks associated with the fact that the average temperature on our planet is steadily rising. “This is gradually leading to the allergy season starting earlier and ending later, ” explains Parvi Parikh, MD, Allergy & Asthma Network allergist, to Prevention.com. At the same time, temperature drops from "minus" to "plus" can increase the symptoms of allergies. This is because plants start producing pollen earlier than the season, and your immune system has become accustomed to a different regimen, so it will react more sharply to risk factors.

Air pollution

If you have recently moved to another city or to another area, then there is nothing surprising in the aggravation of allergies. Perhaps, in that beautiful place where you have now settled, the quality of water and air is different. Moreover, not necessarily bad - just different. “Oddly enough, according to statistics, allergies are worse in cities than in the suburbs, due to air pollution and higher ozone levels, ” Parvi Parikh comments. Even considering that in the suburbs, people are more likely to come into contact with plant allergens.


Chronic stress + allergies = the end of the world. Or something like that, considering that regular stress overloads will certainly lead to an exacerbation of allergic symptoms and bring it to a new, negative connotation level. “Stress creates additional inflammation, and can significantly worsen the condition of the body with an increased sensitivity to allergens, ” explains Parikh. In addition, stress sometimes accompanies the same symptoms as allergies (headaches, dizziness, rapid breathing), in fact, doubling the discomfort.


What if you have lived in a polluted city for many years or washed your face with sufficiently hard water, but an allergic reaction only occurred now? Admit the obvious. Perhaps you have always had minor allergy symptoms, but you did not pay attention to them (since, it is logical to assume, they did not give you much discomfort). However, experts warn that allergies get worse with age.

“In fact, it sometimes takes time for the immune system to decide what is an allergen for it and what is not, ” says Parvi Parikh. So if you did not have an allergy, and then it suddenly appeared, it makes sense to sign up for a consultation with a specialist, not blaming everything on a cold or a "strange virus".