How women manipulate men (and they don't even suspect anything)

Women know VERY well how to rule men.

They gained this experience over the centuries, living in a society ruled by men, where women were relegated to the background, where they were often simply ignored.

To this day, in many countries of the world, women have fewer rights than men.

But this does not mean that women cannot get what they want.

When women need something, there are many ways to get men to do it. In most cases, men are not even aware that they are being skillfully manipulated.

Such skill is a powerful female weapon that must be handled skillfully, especially if a woman wants to keep a man.

If you want to appreciate the full strategic power of a woman's will, here are 4 ways women are so adept at controlling men that the latter are often unaware of.

Women treat men like children

Indeed, men sometimes behave like children. But that doesn't mean women should encourage this behavior. When a woman reacts to an adult man's act as if only a 7-year-old child could do it, this most likely means that she is not so much disappointed as she would like him to do everything the way she wants it.

If a woman does not trust a man to shop or fold underwear, this does not mean that he really cannot do it. (He can do anything.) She just wants to be done EXACTLY the way she wants.

Ultimately, she has more work, and the man begins to believe that he himself cannot even do basic things.

As a result, a woman gets what she wants, but she has to do everything herself.

Women are silent

If a man is dissatisfied with something and wants a woman to do something, then, as a rule, he will just openly say about it. He can scream, whine - no matter how he does it, men do not know how to keep their innermost desires INSIDE and express them very straightforwardly.

For women, everything is different - they are silent, they stop talking, they move away. In their defense, they then say: "I needed time to think." But while they are silent and do not explain anything, men think: “WHY? What I've done? "

Such silence becomes so unbearable for men that they are ready for anything to stop it. “Okay, I confess I was wrong. Don't you like my shirt? Should I go to the gym more often? WELL DO NOT BE silent! "

Refusing to explain what they want, women force men to fulfill any of their desires, if only this game of silence is over.

Women flatter men

Flattery is an effective tool for manipulating all people, and men in particular.

“Darling, can you explain how this remote works? I don't understand this at all (and you are so smart). " “Kid, take these suitcases to the car? They are so heavy (and you are so strong)! "

Of course, some of these compliments may be completely sincere, but it's still a way of manipulation. When a woman wants something to be done, she shower the man with praise. She lets him know that no one can do it BETTER for her.

This does not mean that she really is not able to deal with the remote control. (She can do anything.) But flattery is a proven way of getting him to do what she wants, so why not use it?

Women compare men to other men

This method is often used in parenting - the classic "look what a good boy".

For adult men, this method is used when a woman is not satisfied with something in a man's character or in his behavior or actions. She openly begins to make unflattering comparisons between him and other men.

"Tolik just got a promotion ... Slava made an extension to the house himself ... Vadim goes to the gym 5 times a week ..."

Such statements can not only shame a man and induce him to action, they hurt men's pride. Because this is not just nit-picking. Thus, the woman seems to say "it is clear that he is better than you." This can force a man to do anything to prove his worth.

Undoubtedly, all of these methods are effective. But the question is - is it still worth manipulating a man?

Women should understand that “the more power, the more responsibility”, they should be open with their men, treat them as equal partners and, if possible, find a compromise in order to get what they want.

And if this does not work out, then it remains ... to manipulate. (He won't even know that she is twisting them.)