Love or addiction?

When a man and a woman meet and they are cute to each other, then we can say that there is love between them. Are we drawing false conclusions and substituting one concept for another? How to determine when a person is in love and when he is simply dependent? Let's try to figure it out.

For example, people meet each other and give each other a lot of emotions. But at the same time, there is no real trust in the relationship, which can manifest itself in unreasonable jealousy. Someone will say: "Jealous means love." However, you must admit that excessive jealousy does not mean anything, except for one thing: a jealous person simply does not trust a partner. Relationships with a jealous person do not bring calm, they are always tense, although they can be emotionally saturated. In this case, one cannot say that the partners love each other, they are emotionally dependent on each other.

Here's another manifestation of addiction in relationships. The partner constantly thinks about the "beloved" person and tries to fill all his personal space with himself. He can even take care of his chosen one. But for what purpose does he care about him? By answering this question, one can say whether he loves a person or is simply dependent on him. If the desire to care is caused by the desire to be loved, then in this case, the person does not love the partner, but is dependent on him. Such a partner can constantly remind his beloved (or beloved) of his good deeds for the benefit of the object of love and focus on them. In this case, the partner does good not for the beloved person, but to satisfy his need for attention.

If a partner is dependent on a person, and does not love him, then he will not allow the object of his love to develop his personality. He will completely "absorb" the personality in order to feel strong and significant. Such a partner is not self-sufficient and, therefore, cannot truly love another person. His desire to compensate for his complexes by means of another person will kill the "embryo" of love between partners.

If we summarize all the information, then we can say that dependent relationships are manifested when one partner is not needed by the other as a person, he needs the emotions that the partner delivers or the material benefits received from him. But working on yourself, in the relationship of a couple, a wonderful feeling of love can arise.