What happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol

Have you ever wondered how alcohol affects your body? Refusal from such drinks, even for just a month, has a noticeable effect on human health. You can lose weight, lower your risk of cancer, improve heart health, and even improve your sex life.

All this is confirmed by scientific research. If you need motivation, here are the most significant changes that will happen to you when you quit alcohol.

You will eat less even if you just cut your alcohol intake in half.

According to the study, people who drink with food eat twenty percent more than those who do not drink alcohol at all. Yes, even a small portion can whet your appetite. The more you drink, the more pronounced this effect becomes.

You can reduce your risk of liver disease and diabetes in just a month

Scientists conducted an experiment in which ten people gave up alcohol completely, and four continued to drink. All participants had blood tests taken before and after the experiment. It was found that in those who did not drink alcohol, the level of fat in the liver fell by fifteen to twenty percent, in addition, the level of glucose in the blood dropped.

Your sleep will get better

Alcohol can make you sleepy, but it can make your sleep worse. This has been proven by numerous studies. Drinking alcohol before bed has been found to increase the amount of alpha waves in the brain. If you want to recover from your sleep, it will get in your way. Once you stop drinking alcohol, your sleep will be better, you will feel more energized and alert.

You will have more energy and will start to lose weight faster.

Getting enough sleep makes it easier for you to eat well. According to scientific evidence, drinking alcohol makes sleep shorter and less quality. As a result, participants in the study began to eat fats instead of carbohydrates. Plus, for every additional half hour without sleep, you consume eighty-three extra calories. By cutting out alcohol, you will eat better and eat more energy-filling carbohydrates. In addition, you will eat less - this way you can “save” five thousand calories in a month!

You will eat 384 fewer calories per day

This is the conclusion the researchers came to. Analyzing the food and alcohol addictions of thousands of people, they found that alcohol leads to increased food intake. Why? Alcohol makes a person more sensitive to food aromas and less prone to resist temptation.

You will improve your metabolism

When you drink alcohol, the body uses ethanol for energy. If you give up alcohol, your body will use up stores of carbohydrates, and then - fat. If you exercise early in the morning, your body will burn fat because the body's carbohydrate stores are low in the morning.

Your skin will get better

Alcohol is a diuretic and flushes fluid from your body. This affects the appearance. After just a few days after quitting alcohol, you will notice that your skin looks more hydrated, and problems such as dandruff, eczema or rosacea bother you less.

You will lower your risk of developing cancer

According to statistics, alcohol consumption increases the likelihood of cancer of the oral cavity, liver, breast, intestines, rectum. The more you drink, the higher the risk becomes.

Your body will be saturated with water

If you regularly drink wine in the evenings, try replacing it with water. Avoiding the calories in alcohol will help you lose weight, and drinking water with antioxidant-rich fruits or berries will help cleanse your body and lose weight.

You will improve your heart condition

Drinking alcohol increases the level of unhealthy fats in your blood. This leads to the appearance of plaque in the arteries and the development of cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol stimulates the absorption of fat.

You will reduce the chances of a heart attack and nerve damage

Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to heart attacks and nerve damage. Drinking regularly raises blood pressure and leads to arrhythmias, as well as poisoning nerve cells.

You will work better

Studies have shown that without alcohol, people are able to concentrate better and perform better at work. Give up alcohol - and you can expect a raise!

You will lower your cholesterol levels

People who give up alcohol reduce their cholesterol levels by five percent in a month.

Your intimate life will improve.

Alcohol has a depressing effect. Avoiding alcohol will help you improve your personal life.