Is it harmful to drink carbonated water

Carbonated water is a pleasure for people who lead a healthy lifestyle, and an attempt to join this lifestyle for others. A versatile drink with bubbles. In fact, soda may not be all that healthy.

The hissing occurs due to the addition of carbon dioxide to the water under pressure. The result is water containing weak carbon dioxide.

Adam Thorne, a London-based dentist, told the DailyMail that the side effects of drinking soda can be quite serious:

“Many people have no idea that sparkling water is very acidic - pH3 according to the acidity table. The bubbles destroy your tooth enamel, which over time leads to the formation of cracks in your teeth. "

However, Edmond R. Hewlett, a spokesman for the American Dental Association and professor of restorative dentistry, disagrees with Adam Thorne. He shared with DailyMail that there is no need to worry about plain soda - only flavored:

“We know that constant consumption of acidic drinks can lead to tooth enamel deterioration, but few people know that flavorings are responsible for this acidity, so they should be considered potentially erosive.

It is the addition of flavors, not carbon dioxide, that lowers the pH of soda (i.e., increases acidity) to a level that can be harmful to tooth enamel with constant use.

Laboratory studies have shown that plain sparkling water (no flavors), whether carbonated or not, has very low erosion potential and is not harmful to our teeth. ”

Edmond R. Hewlett advises "mindfulness and moderation" when drinking flavored carbonated drinks.

As for plain sparkling water, the issue has not yet been fully resolved. Hewlett does admit that not much research has been done on its side effects.