Gianni Versace quotes

Famous Italian fashion designer who owns the popular brand "Gianni Versace". Today, this brand has been renamed “Versace” and under it they produce accessories, luxury perfume, clothing, cosmetics and even cars. Versace's quotes are as graceful and unique as his signature style, which he brought into fashion.

● The clothes of a person, like his soul, are unique and inimitable, and a woman is an innocent angel, and not a fruit for sinful pleasures.

● Time flies quickly, we are only sparks that want to shine as brightly as possible before they fade in the wind, clothes are shine.

● Medusa symbolizes the beauty and fatal charm of the ancient Greek classics, both in art and in philosophy, it is a synthesis of beauty and simplicity, which literally paralyzes and even hypnotizes.

● Suppose there are two similar women, both in appearance, and in wealth and age, they differ only in one, one has a dress from Versace, and the other does not, guess which of these women makes love more often?

● Fashion does not stand still, but clothes remain unchanged!

● My law is not to argue with the wind, it knows where it is blowing, but we, stylists, must only precisely determine its direction.