Prohibitions around the world

Going on a trip to another country, it is advisable to get acquainted with its laws and local habits. Knowing them, you can bypass incidental situations and not get into a mess. Considering that some of the laws and prohibitions may cause you, to put it mildly, a slight bewilderment. Here are some examples.

Great Britain. A lot is known about the celebration of Christmas traditions in Britain: lights, trees, wreaths, turkeys, guests, cookies, sweets ... But it turns out that it is Christmas gingerbread that is forbidden in England. This only applies to the day of Christmas itself. The rest of the time, please. This unusual law has been in effect since the reign of Cromwell. He considered the holiday of Christmas immoral and banned it altogether. All the attributes accompanying the festival, including pies and sweet biscuits, fell under the sanctions. The ban applied only to the "holiday" day. Time has put everything in its place - little can be achieved by prohibitions. However, the document prohibiting eating sweets remained without refutation and has been acting as a law from 1644 to this day. Therefore, every Englishman or guest of the country commits a crime by eating cookies on Christmas Day. Although today no one pays attention to this anymore.

In the same Great Britain, there is a prohibition against touching any mammal that swims three miles from the British coast with your hands. In this case, there is a special law stating that all marine animals in the coastal waters are royal property and touching them is unacceptable. This is probably the best way - for the safety of the animal world.

China. Once in China, do not be surprised that no one rushes to the drowning man's call for salvation. Yes, and we do not advise you. According to the mysterious oriental soul and its philosophy, interference in the fate of a person is immoral. Therefore, a law was passed according to which it is forbidden to save a drowning person. Perhaps the government of the Celestial Empire went for a trick: in this way it is trying to reduce the number of the constantly growing population?

France. Since 1910, France has introduced a law prohibiting kissing couples in love at a railway platform. In those days, the drivers could not drive away from the parking lot for a long time, waiting for the end of a long farewell kiss, which violated the order of train traffic. The law continues to this day. Only now there are special zones for lovers at train stations where they can retire.

Italy. Feeding a pigeon with a slice of bun or bread is a sacred thing in any city. But not in Venice. There is a ban on feeding pigeons, for violation of which a substantial fine is imposed. The reason for this strictness is the desire of the city government to preserve ancient sculptures, constantly attracting flocks of birds that harm the monuments of art.

USA. Surprisingly, the famous "kinders" - chocolate eggs with toys, have been banned in the United States since their inception. Literally until 2013. The ban was prompted by public concern about the small size of the parts inside. It was believed that at the age for which the toy is intended, a child can accidentally swallow a piece of the product, than harm himself. Permission to sell Knder surprises on the shelves of American stores was only allowed on the condition that the toys placed inside would be large and solid.

Canada. Starting a coin box in Canada is pointless. You will not be able to pay with the accumulated amount anyway. In 1985, the country passed a law according to which it is impossible to pay only in coins for products and things, the value of which exceeds 10 Canadian dollars.

Samoa. Interesting laws exist in a small state in the middle of Oceania. The set of rules is quite large and peculiar. For example, one of the laws contains severe punishment for a spouse who has forgotten about his wife's birthday. A rather large fine passes into the possession of the spouse as the injured party.

Thailand. The revered Thais are depicted on the banknotes and coins of Thailand. By stepping on them, you are committing a crime. So watch your step as you walk through this exotic and unique country.