14 habits of people that are incredibly popular with others

Have you ever wondered why the same people are liked by everyone around, without making any effort? And others, despite their efforts, still fail to win the favor of others.

Napoleon Hill, author of the popular best-selling book Think and Grow Rich, described 14 habits of people that others simply adore:

1. They create a positive psychological attitude and charge those around them

It's always easier to be cynical and pessimistic. But with this attitude, it is not easy to succeed and build a good reputation. A positive attitude, on the other hand, significantly contributes to the achievement of these goals.

2. They always speak in a respectful, friendly tone.

Such people are always confident in what they are saying. Therefore, their speech is calm and conscious, which gives it a pleasant sound.

3. They listen carefully to their interlocutors.

Communicating in an arrogant, edifying manner is a great way to satisfy your own ego, but it is a disastrous path for those who want to please their interlocutors and establish friendships.

4. They know how to maintain composure in any situation.

Overly emotional reactions, both positive and negative, can create a bad impression of a person. Remember that often silence can be much more effective in conveying information to the interlocutor than words filled with negative emotions.

5. They are calm

The appropriateness of words and deeds is one of the most important qualities that people love and for which others respect.

6. They are open-minded and open-minded.

People who are closed to new ideas and maintain relationships exclusively with like-minded people miss the opportunity not only for personal development, but also for professional growth.

7. They smile when talking to others.

Hill claims that the most precious possession of American President Franklin Roosevelt was his magnificent million-dollar smile. It was she who involuntarily forced his interlocutors to be more open during communication.

8. They know they don't have to voice all their thoughts.

Such people know that you should not offend people by expressing all your thoughts, even if these thoughts are true.

10. They don't like to procrastinate.

Procrastination is an indicator that you are afraid to act. Which, in turn, is an indicator of your lack of effectiveness.

11. They do at least one good deed every day.

They help others just like that, without expecting anything in return.

12. They don't complain about failures, they learn from them.

People admire those who can accept and deal with failure with dignity. Successful people thank fate for the portion of life wisdom that would not have come to them if they had not had to face failure.

13. They treat their interlocutor as if they are the most important person in the world.

The people most loved by others use communication as a way to get to know the whole interlocutor, so they give him the opportunity to speak out.

14. They know how to praise others sincerely, without sycophancy.

They do not miss opportunities to praise others, but they only do so when the praise is truly deserved.

15. They have a person whose opinion about their own shortcomings they listen to

Successful people don't pretend to please others. Others like them for who they really are. One of their secrets is that they are constantly working on their behavior and reputation. And having a person pointing out their shortcomings helps them to continuously continue the process of personal growth.