There are three types of couples in the modern world

For thousands of years, people have been trying to unravel the mystery of the relationship between a man and a woman. But the mystery of love remains unsolved. However, there is one amazing Slavic theory, according to which there are 3 types of couples in our world: spiritual, kindred and karmic.

Let's take a closer look at the features of these pairs, and maybe something will seem familiar to us.

1. Spiritual Couples

They are also called cosmic pairs. These are people-satellites or, as they say in the old fashioned way, "gods". They are called “halves”, but the word “halves” does not fit in this case, because each person is initially whole. These are companions in life - together they walk along the predetermined path, through obstacles. They have the same vision of the goal, where they are going. These are two vectors tending to one point. They are united not only by feelings, but also by common dreams of the future. And for these couples it does not matter that they have different hobbies, financial status, appearance. They are not connected by the visible world, but by Rule - by common spiritual aspirations. Together they are two wings of one bird, which began its beautiful flight.

There are not many such pairs on earth. But if such a family is created, it will be for a long time, practically forever. Outwardly, they are usually dissimilar. Rather, complete opposites. In socionics, such pairs are called “dual”. So, for example, she can be a strict mathematician of tall stature, and he - a musician-rocker with a stocky build. But they are happy and live in harmony in their hospitable home. For all their apparent dissimilarity.

2. Related pairs

People-friends, "peacemakers". They are united by a common cause or hobby: psychology, business, farming - the list is endless. They are interested in the two of them at the moment, but they have different ideas about the future. Such couples are common.

For example, he is fond of diving, and so is she. And so they took and got married. This is not bad at all, but very often after a while it turns out that both dreamed of a house, but only one - about an apartment in the city, and the other - about a cottage in the country. And they don't always manage to create something in common. Quarrels begin ... And the problem is that all exacerbations arise when there are already children. And they say so: “life has eaten up”. But nothing is destroyed from everyday life, but is destroyed by improperly built relationships.

There is one “But”. If you have no "debts" to men (and men - to women), then the one (or that) will certainly come who will give you a quiet life. But only you will often feel the absence of flight. You will not feel, as they say, the wings of one bird. Therefore, such couples often live together all their lives, but look for "inspiration" on the side.

3. Karmic pairs

They have the same pain in their souls. These are people who are mirrors. And they see their own pain in their companion - unresolved problems, shortcomings, aggression, etc. They are like two enemies ... By the way, an enemy is not something bad, as is commonly thought. According to ancient laws, the enemy is the one who makes you go to the inner sun: “V” - inward, Ra - the Sun, G - movement.

These people are attracted to each other because they have similar programs. That is, he, for example, hates women, and she hates her mother. Or they both don't want to take responsibility for their lives. And their mission will unite to heal the pain. And when the problem is solved, they part. They have nothing more to do together.

Karmic couples live to work off the "lies" of the past life. Two souls become teachers for each other. And if in a past life they “passed the exam” badly, then the same person will again come into their life, so that again there will be an opportunity to correct everything.

These people “save” us from what prevents us from finally finding the only chosen one. And therefore karmic love is the hardest. She, like a wild hurricane, bursts into the heart and mind, and as if burns us to the ground. People suffer from jealousy, pain and betrayal ... At the same time, you want to be with this person and leave forever. These are moments of joy and months of suffering. It seems to you that everything will change tomorrow, but then everything starts all over again.

You can immediately recognize a karmic relationship by such phrases: "I feel bad with him, but without him it is unbearable." Why is this happening? It is believed that this is how debts for the past are paid off. Balance is restored. Such a “game” can drag on for several lifetimes. But if one day people choose the path of forgiveness and mutual understanding, everything will change. And we must remember that in such love both suffer. Then comes reconciliation and parting. There are a lot of such couples in the world. After all, millions of people are rapidly working off their karma. The time is ... There is a liberation from all unnecessary. And the entire planet moves to a new level of consciousness.