Frederick Staps and the amazing assassination attempt on Napoleon

It's no secret that history has many unexplained examples of "honest villainy". It is quite possible that some will consider such a phrase to be incorrect and incorrect.

However, after reading the story from the life of a German, which we will now tell you, you may agree that not everything is so simple.

So, let's begin.

Marching victoriously across Europe, Napoleon in 1809 successfully completed the Austro-French campaign by signing a peace treaty in Schönbrunn.

On October 12, a solemn parade of French troops took place. Everything would be fine if this celebration was not overshadowed by one incident.

A young man of 18 years old was detained on the square, who behaved suspiciously and tried hard to get to the place where the Emperor Napoleon was. When they searched him, they found a kitchen knife wrapped in paper in his bosom.

When asked why he brought it to the square, a young man who introduced himself as Friedrich Staps replied:

- I had to kill Napoleon with it.

When the emperor was informed about this, he wanted to personally talk to the one who had just attempted on his life. It turned out that Staps was the son of a Protestant pastor from Naumburg

His pretty face, bright eyes and absolute conviction in the correctness of his own ideas impressed Napoleon:

“If you ask for forgiveness, I will let you go this very minute, ” he said, thereby showing unheard-of mercy.

However, Friedrich Staps replied:

“If they let me go, I’ll find a better opportunity and kill you anyway.” Germany must be free!

As General Rapp, who prevented the assassination attempt, says, "Napoleon was dumbfounded." A completely young man refused to pardon, deliberately went to the death penalty and calmly explained this with his convictions.

After that, the emperor ordered the court physician to examine the patient for insanity. However, he recognized Shtaps as quite sane.

Nevertheless, rumors were deliberately spread about the convict that he had lost his mind, because who in his right mind would encroach on the great Napoleon!

Of course, he was sentenced to death.

They say that when he went to the execution, his last words were: “Long live freedom! Long live Germany! "

An interesting fact should be noted here. The fact is that in 1793, the Jacobin lieutenant Bonaparte wrote: "If even my father wanted to be a tyrant, I would have stabbed him with my own dagger!"

And now, when his worldview changed to the diametrically opposite, in the person of a brave young man who preferred death to a betrayal of views, he seemed to see himself.

“This unfortunate man does not get out of my head, ” Napoleon confessed. - When I think about him, my thoughts are lost ... This is beyond my understanding! ”.

After his death, Friedrich Staps became for young Germans a symbol of the fight against evil and an example of loyalty to ideals.

By the way, this assassination attempt is very similar to the story that happened in the life of another German, Karl Ludwig Sand, who nevertheless managed to commit a murder. By the way, he was also very young (24 years old), and lived almost at the same time as Shtaps.

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