What is anecdote?

What is anecdote? This is a short, very short story from our life, which is saturated with funny and funny situations. In anecdotes, facts from human life are considered, where everything is layered on top of each other, disappears and constantly changes. The main goal is to please the listener and make him laugh. Today we will talk about the origin of anecdotes.

Researchers never cease to convince us that all anecdotes originated from our lives, and many of them are associated with historical figures. A short and funny story is designed to equalize all people and bring some “from heaven to earth”. For example, in the Soviet period, there were popular jokes about Odessa, which were of a political nature. In these stories, a note of criticism of the existing government and its "leader" was caught.

During Stalin's time, a wide variety of jokes circulated, but most of them were so encrypted that their meaning was very difficult to understand. Naturally, people also composed funny stories about politicians, but they only told and passed them on to their most faithful friends. There are also anecdotes about the “new Russians” that emerged in the early 90s. This is a specific type of story that hides signs of envy of the so-called "new rich."

Stories about murder and violence, robberies are suitable for youth humor. This is an integral phenomenon of modern culture. The main point lies in the mechanism of action and manner of presentation. Everyone will agree that the anecdote is characterized by complete fearlessness. Such stories have no prescriptions or rules. Everyone in these funny and funny stories is equal. We can say that the anecdote removes invisible barriers between people and brings them closer in communication.

Statements and last phrases from the best anecdotes move from the section of stories into winged sayings and aphorisms. For example, "Go prove that you are not a camel" or "I would have your problems, master teacher." The main difference between anecdotes and aphorisms is their anonymity. In rare cases, anecdotes have an author who is never advertised. The anecdote of life is the vitality of the anecdote.