Why do men get married?

John Lennon got married because Yoko Ono wanted it. Larry Fortenski to get her hands on Elizabeth Taylor's millions. Elton John so that no one would gossip about his inclinations. Why do men get married? This is what one of the sociological surveys of men aged 19 to 39 showed

Because women want it (64%)

Are men really so obedient? Not in this case! If they maintain a relationship with a woman for a long time, the status of this relationship is not too important for them. But if the woman insists, the man finally says: "Well, if you are striving for this so, let's formalize our marriage." Two-thirds of married men believe that they have fulfilled the wish of their chosen one.

To make a career (59%)

Every second man names this very reason. And it is rightfully known that anyone who wants to achieve something in life must be married. Bosses know that married men tend to be more organized. And if they are plagued by problems, they will most likely cry into their wife's waistcoat, and not "pour" grief with an unmeasured amount of alcohol. They will spend their time and energy on work, and not on amorous adventures.

If a lady of the heart is expecting a baby (44%)

They hesitate and hesitate until they decide to tie themselves in marriage. When a girlfriend announces her pregnancy, it serves as a strong incentive for them. It does not at all follow from this that every lady who wants to get married should get pregnant immediately.

Because only in half of the cases in men it works ...

... a deeply buried sense of responsibility.

To try it at least once (40%)

Marriage is an experience, a curious experiment. Why not? At least once brave guys want to play this funny game. However, they are not at all sure of their readiness for family life. But we are ready to experiment, for example, so that at the end of life it does not seem that something has been missed in it.

From loneliness (38%)

A man is like a lone wolf sneaking somewhere in the night, or like a mysterious figure on the horizon. These are just stills from films, imprinted in the brain. In fact, it is much more pleasant, according to the "lone wolves" themselves, to know that someone is always waiting for you at home.

Traditionally (33%)

Every third man believes that it is necessary to get married because it is necessary. Because that's what his parents did. It doesn't sound very inspiring, but it is. On the other hand, men who adhere to the traditional point of view do not so easily succumb to difficulties.

To find peace (31%)

For a man over 30, this is a powerful argument. Enough change! Enough trial and error! From now on and forever, peace should reign on the personal front. And all the energy should be given to work. Of course, it all sounds a little selfish. But ahead - an unprecedented rise of a career.

For more presentability (29%)

Every third man needs a wife as an expensive piece of jewelry. With her, one should not be ashamed to go out into the light and with her beauty she should set off his masculinity. Doesn't sound too romantic? Of course. But calculation plays an important role in the conclusion of a family union. And in women, perhaps even more often than in men.

To get help (27%)

A man needs support. In support. So, in any case, a quarter of the respondents thinks. And if a man seeks in his future wife not only support, but also support, if marriage is his straw, for which he, like a drowning man, tries to cling to his hands and feet, this makes you think.

Well, if he wants someone to just stand behind his back and substitute his shoulder if necessary, this is quite acceptable.

Loyalty (25%)

Every fourth man gets married because he wants to take responsibility for his girlfriend. Because to each and every one, he seeks to show that he loves her and that she can rely on him.

Out of romance (23%)

Young men from 18 to 25, among other things, name this reason. When the soul hurts. When love makes you dizzy and passion intoxicates. Young people want to strengthen the union by painting on the registration book.

Preferably against parental will. Or in another country. How does such a marriage work as a result? Soberingly.

If a woman has money (23%)

So, every fifth man, no matter how regrettable it sounds, is "bought". He is very attracted by the already existing, fortune or possible inheritance of a woman, who should become for him not only a good, but also a solid party.

For fear of old age (19%)

This foundation plays a fairly large role in the group of 30-39 year olds. "A loner lives like a king and dies like a dog." Staying in old age without any support - such a prospect scares many men.

Out of a desire to protect yourself (17%)

The world is scary. Not so in real life. But in the media it is! Therefore, in order to resist the cruel world, you need to build your own warm nest. Such "fearful" men often decide to marry after some blow of fate - misfortune, serious illness or death of one of the parents.

If relatives want it (12%)

And so it also happens: the parents decide, and the son ... obeys. And more likely to the mother's desire than the father's.

Women, entering into a marriage union, should always take into account how strong the parental influence on their chosen one. At least in order to know how domineering mother-in-law they will get.

For love (10%)

And only every tenth man gets married because he loves. Because she and only she excites his heart like no other. But alas - men do not trust their feelings so much that they very rarely call love a sufficient reason for marriage.

These are the main motives for men to marry. It should be added that it is extremely rare for a man to have only one reason to change his usual way of life so radically. As a rule, there should be several such reasons.