Americans remember that day for a long time

It was during the Cold War between the USSR and the USA. On the African continent, Civil Wars often broke out. And often one side was supported by the States, and the other by the Soviets. Take a closer look at the potential enemy, and test the weapon.

Rodina sent military instructors and a small air group to one such country. The pilots were properly instructed, learned the local language, so as not to betray their presence. Since they were not officially there.

Although secrecy was respected, both the Americans and the Russians were well aware of each other. What was the cost of the radio show, which was happening on the air, when our pilots, terribly distorted, with a distinct Russian accent, spoke the local language. American radio operators laughed openly at this.

Equipped with a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft, the pilots from the states behaved businesslike, flew wherever and whenever they wanted. A feature of the reconnaissance aircraft was its high speed and flight altitude up to 24 km.

The Soviet pilots, on the other hand, had only the MiG-17, which reached only 18 km. Taking advantage of this, the Americans flew over our base, took pictures, in every possible way showing their superiority in the air.

In the end, patience ran out, it is necessary to somehow respond to an outright provocation. Having gathered advice, we decided to lighten one of the fighters as much as possible in order to reach the desired height. They took off all the weapons, chose the most experienced pilot, and began to wait.

And now the time has come, the radar showed an air target, the darlings are flying at their favorite altitude of 24 km and are flying a direct course to our base. Take off team, our lightweight Mig soars into the sky, briskly gaining altitude.

Our radio operators broadcast what was happening in the sky. And on the air, an American operator was heard talking to the pilot of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, warning him about the approach of a Soviet fighter. To which the pilot, lazily replied that he was going at maximum height and could not be reached.

After a short flight, the operator continues to report that the Soviet fighter is approaching, and getting closer. As our Mig climbed to the top, the operator's tone of voice began to change until it almost broke into a scream.

- Blackbir - this is the base, leave immediately, the Russian is already above you.

The Soviet Mig gained altitude in a steep arc up to 30 km, with a sharp decline, picked up speed and began to catch up with the impudent American. The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird pilots turned their engines on full blast, trying to pull away. But due to the high altitude, the speed was picked up slowly.

The frightened pilot shouted over the radio that the engines were at full afterburner, and could not throw the Russian off the tail in any way. To which our pilot, deciding to intimidate the impudent person, reported louder on the air about the capture of the target, and readiness for launch.

The Americans have long remembered the day when, lowering the altitude, they fled from the Soviet Mig. They didn’t fly so well near our base anymore.