Despite the active development of science, mankind has not been able to unravel a large number of mystical phenomena and anomalies. By and large, neither the discoveries of physical laws, nor the development of chemistry and biology have propelled people forward in this matter. And they, as before, remain for nature a kind of foolish children who are too early to know anything serious.

Meanwhile, a lot of mystical stories are happening in the life of mankind. There are also a large number of anomalous zones that people call "X zones". There, everything does not go as it should, and generally defies logic and common sense.

So, for example, in 1907 a group of teachers, scientists and students set up a camp in Norway. The members of the expedition intended to conduct research on such a strange phenomenon, which was called the "lights of Hessdalen." The research began with a simple photograph taken by Bjern Hauge at night with a 30-second exposure. After performing spectral analysis, scientists have established that the sources of these lights are composed of iron, silicon and scandium. This is the most informative photo of twinkling lights, but far from the only one. Hunters for anomalous phenomena took hundreds of photos and collected a large amount of scientific information. So, it was found that the diameter of these lights is about 2-3 meters, they are very bright and do not have a clear shape. They move silently and in a very peculiar way, so it is impossible to attribute them to helicopters or airplanes. The lights can stay motionless in one place for up to an hour, slowly move a short distance, which also means that these cannot be so-called wandering bog lights. In addition, these lights cannot be mistaken for a satellite or an asterisk, since the photo clearly shows the earth's background - mountains and valleys. It is also impossible to explain the reaction of the lights to the laser beam. When scientists pointed it at an object, its brightness doubled. After turning off the laser, the brightness is the same. Since no other known object in the world reacts in this way to a laser beam and does not behave so strangely, scientists still cannot determine what the "Hessdalen lights" really are.

Scientists are also interested in the "Phoenix Lights" - a group of flying objects that periodically appear in the sky. For example, on the night of March 13, 1997, more than a thousand people observed them in the skies over Nevada and Arizona in America and Sonora in Mexico. By the way, that night there were several inexplicable phenomena at once. These are luminous objects that formed a triangle and moved across the sky, and several lights that hovered motionless over Phoenix. The military expressed confidence that these were the lights of an A-10 Warthog aircraft, since military exercises were taking place near the site of the appearance of the lights. But whether this is really so, and whether the fires have an earthly origin is not fully known.

A lot of oddities show up in ordinary photographs. So, for example, in 1964 the Templeton family was walking in the vicinity of Solway Firth. The head of the family offered to take some photos of his five-year-old daughter. Family members assured that there was no one next to them in that place, but after the development of the pictures, a strange figure was found on them, which looked out from behind the girl's back. After the analysis, it was found that no manipulations were performed with the image.

A similar incident happened in Texas. The Cooper family moved into a new home and several photographs were taken during the housewarming party. After the development of the pictures, a strange figure was found on them, which seemed to fall from the ceiling.

In addition to such inexplicable phenomena, there are many strange places in the world that cause not only surprise, but also fear among people. So, one of such anomalous places in the world is the so-called Valley of Silence, which is located in Mexico, near the town of El Paso. It should be noted that there are practically no large settlements in this area, radios and televisions do not work here, clocks stop, and the compass does not show north.

It is noteworthy that, despite the fact that the radio does not pick up in this zone of silence, in some places it is quite easy to tune in to programs broadcast from Korea and Japan.

For some inexplicable reason, this death zone, as it is sometimes called, is loved by meteorites. In addition, the local animals and herbs are susceptible to unnatural mutations, although the radiation levels are normal. So, a giant land turtle with golden eyes was discovered here.

It is noteworthy that this zone is located in the same latitudes as many other anomalous zones - Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas, Egyptian pyramids, the Bermuda Triangle, and even the place where Atlantis was supposedly located.

The local Mexican population has repeatedly talked about UFO sightings and even encounters with aliens in the area. Scientists have been able to prove that most of these stories are true. So, after the next message about the landing in the silence zone of a UFO, scientists found there a section of burnt grass, as well as drops of unknown fuel and a significantly increased level of radiation.

The lion's share of the evidence found in the zone of silence is currently in scientific laboratories. And above the zone itself, at night, you can see small shining rings, which the locals call crazy lights.

As the Mexican researcher Garcia notes, anomalous things began to happen here in the nineteenth century. In those years, only a few farmers lived in this area, who unsuccessfully tried to grow cereals, but constantly suffered from red-hot stones that fell from the sky. And the pilot F. Serabia in 1930 filed a report in which he said that during the flight of the silence zone, all his equipment, including the radio transmitter, was out of order.

Despite this, for the first time, the Mexican zone of silence was seriously interested only half a century later, after the American Athena rocket, having left the set course, flew into this anomalous zone, where it exploded. A few more years later, the Saturn space rocket fell and exploded there. After these incidents, a group was sent to the zone of silence to study the paranormal phenomena in the area.

In addition to the fact that something strange is happening in the zone of silence, there are also very ancient ruins, which are the object of close attention of scientists. But until now, they have not been able to establish the age of these ancient structures, although it is obvious that it was an unusual observatory built hundreds of centuries ago. Thus, we can conclude that in ancient times a very smart people lived on the territory of Mexico, who were well versed in astronomy and mathematics, were engaged in the study of celestial bodies.

Scientists also do not exclude that these people were interested in the origin of meteorites, which are literally attracted to this area.

The Mariana Trench is of no less interest to scientists. There are many rumors about her. Eyewitnesses talk about some strange glow. For example, a fisherman from the coastal town of the Adriatic told reporters that, while fishing about 5 kilometers from land, he saw a scarlet glow under the water. The fisherman quickly gathered his tackle and left the fishing spot, but the glow pursued him. From time to time it floated to the surface, and sometimes it went into the depths of the water. The fisherman was so frightened that he sat at home for a whole week, and after that he did not dare to leave the coast further than half a kilometer.

At first, the acquaintances of the fisherman did not believe him, but soon the strange glow was repeated, moreover, it was accompanied by the boiling of the sea, giant columns of water that flew up into the sky. The strangest thing is that it is impossible to explain all these phenomena from a scientific point of view.

Several years ago, American newspapers published the results of studies carried out in the Mariana Trench. A special automatic platform equipped with sensitive sensors and powerful searchlights was lowered to the deepest point of the ocean (which is about 11 kilometers). The platform was supported by metal cables. At first, the sensor did not record anything, but after a while, the radars detected an object reaching a size of 15 meters, and the microphones caught the shrill grinding of metal and thuds. The structure was raised to the surface, scientists saw that the metal cables seemed to be trying to saw off. If the platform were to be raised a few minutes later, it would have been simply impossible, and the expensive equipment would have remained in the waters of the ocean forever.

Scientists themselves did not give any comments on this matter, but newspapers literally exploded with reports that there was some kind of secret in the Mariana Trench, there was a mind that really didn’t want to be discovered.

In 1999, the fishing vessel "Hermes" was located off the coast of Cuba. His crew was very surprised to see strange glowing zones underwater at the back and sides of the ship. The fishermen were very scared as they were quite far from land. Suddenly, a round shining object appeared near the ship, flew up to the fishermen, stopped for a moment, and then just as suddenly disappeared.

Further evidence of strange underwater fires came from the crew of a Japanese ship sailing to America. On the night after sailing on the ship, someone hit with incredible force, it began to shake and tilt from side to side. The watchman raised the alarm, but the ocean was absolutely quiet, there was no damage to the hull, and he was moving along a given route. The crew demanded an explanation from the captain, who suggested that the ship had hit the reefs. However, later the captain recalled that there were no reefs in those places. Therefore, he suggested that the ship was pushed by a large underwater UFO. Scientists-ufologists have met this idea very ambiguously.

And the fishermen Grottamare talked about how, about 10 kilometers from the land, using radars, they spotted a large underwater object of an oblong shape. At the same time, the compass on the ship began to rotate in the opposite direction, the ship began to swing.

Until now, it is not known what it really was: either a UFO or a submarine. However, some scientists say that the whole thing is in the secret developments of Russia and America, and it was their underwater vehicles that excited the waters. However, none of the existing underwater vehicles, no matter how advanced it may be, is capable of developing such a high speed.

All this makes us once again think about whether a person is the only intelligent creature on the planet? Perhaps, on the ocean floor, there is another intelligent race in parallel, much more advanced. And she built many bases under water, she is also engaged in research on humanity, and possibly visits space ...