Small doses of alcohol give the effect of relaxation, the mood rises, everything bad fades into the background. This is how alcohol is dangerous: temporary euphoria requires continuation, all problems are forgotten, even if for a while. Trouble comes when more and more intoxicants are required to achieve satisfaction. Alcoholism becomes a disease, and it becomes harder for a drinker to quit drinking.

Since people have different sensitivities to alcohol-containing beverages, due to genetically determined variability of enzymatic activity, signs of heart damage can appear under the influence of different daily portions and different duration of alcohol intake. In this regard, it is very likely that manifestations of alcoholic heart disease can be observed in patients without obvious signs of alcohol dependence, especially against the background of arterial hypertension, coronary artery disease.

The toxic effect of ethanol on heart cells is diverse. The most important of these effects appear to be the following:

-influence on the metabolism and energy supply of the cell;

-direct toxic effect of acetaldehyde and ethanol on protein synthesis;

- disruption of the conjugation between arousal and contraction;

-free radical damage;

- violation of lipid metabolism;

- imbalance of catecholamines and other hormones;

-ionic imbalance;

-influence on the cytoskeleton;

-activation of proviruses;

- changes in the processes of excitation and conduction in the heart muscle;

-toxic effect of alcoholic beverages due to impurities of metals (for example, cobalt)

The main component of any alcoholic beverage is ethyl alcohol. It begins to enter the bloodstream within 5-7 minutes after ingestion. The effect of alcohol on the heart depends on the frequency and amount of alcohol consumed. But even a small single dose increases the load on our main organ: vasospasm occurs, and the heart needs to work doubly to deliver blood. The pulse immediately increases by 10-15%. Smoking accompanying a drink doubles the burden.

Recovery from alcohol

It often happens that alcoholics respond to the admonitions of relatives that they can stop at any minute and stop drinking someday. Refusal from alcohol suspends all negative processes in the body, the initial stages of heart failure are restored by a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sports and fresh air. Well, in advanced cases, even doctors will no longer help you.