Ancient underground cities of Siberia

Many small Siberian peoples have preserved legends and myths telling about the people of the white race who lived in the lands of Siberia long before them. There are also references to the underground cities of these people in these legends, to which part of this people went back in time immemorial. At the same time, legends say that there are similar cities at the mouth of almost every Siberian river that flows into

For example, you can hear interesting legends from local residents about the mouth of the Lena River, that there is an underground city there, which is now empty. The entrance to this city is known to few, but they also prefer to keep quiet about its location. The streets of this city are allegedly still illuminated by "eternal lamps" of an unknown design, which have continued to work for more than one thousand years.

Here is what the Russian traveler, biologist, anthropologist G. Sidorov tells about this and other legends of the peoples of Siberia: “There is an underground city, and maybe even this city is connected with the deep voids of the Earth. This is the mouth of the Lena River. Some people have been there, and they penetrated through the upper manholes. What is interesting: several Yakuts were there - they died out later - and Russian geologists were - they also died out. Their names are known, but this happened before the war.

What happened here? When they got underground, they were shocked that everything was shining inside (This is described by Shemshuk in the book "How We Can Return Paradise"). Some kind of eternal lamps stood, huge, they illuminated the streets of a huge city. Where these streets led is unknown. It's good there, in the North. There is ice on top, and underground the climate is such that you can live, and everything is illuminated, but there are no people, and there are not even traces, but it is obvious that these places were once inhabited by someone. This is all known, the special services are well aware of the underground labyrinths of the mouth of the Lena River, but now no one is allowed there. There is a border, and the border guards are guarding it and foaming at the mouth they demand that everyone get out. They have their own laws. Although, what is the border there ?! The territory is ours to the pole. This is all done to keep people out.

I was not there, but I was at the mouth of the Kolyma, at the mouth of the Indigirka, at the mouth of Khrom. It's about the same there. Everywhere legends, stories - eyewitnesses speak in a whisper, in the ear, with caution, but underground labyrinths, giant underground cities stand along the entire perimeter of the Arctic Ocean. How can this be explained? Very difficult. It is not clear, but all this can be found.

In mountain systems, from the Yenisei to Chukotka, there are thousands of caves, thousands of gigantic trunks, made artificially, they are lined with stone and go into indescribable depths. It is clear that there is something there - maybe even a peculiar climate - for some reason there is light, but neither science nor our tourists are involved in this - they are trying to take them to a place where everything is known, it is not dangerous. If all forces were to be thrown into the study of these artifacts, it would be completely different - we could come across such things from which science could not escape in any way. "

Why did the ancient Arctic civilization need such underground cities? Obviously for the same purpose for which underground cities were built for the "elite" of our civilization around the world: to use them as a refuge in the event of a global natural disaster or world war with the use of destructive weapons of mass destruction of people.

By the way, here is an interesting fragment of the interview between journalist D. Sokolov and the writer, paleoethnographer V. Degtyarev, who is sure that the retreating ice of the Russian North will inevitably reveal the remains of the cities of the previous Arctic civilization, preserved under the ice in all their primordiality:

“- Vladimir Nikolaevich, in ancient myths and legends there is often a mention of Hyperborea as a territory of wealth and grace. If I am not mistaken, we are talking about the circumpolar zone of Russia?

- Quite right. Thousands of years ago, the circumpolar territory of Russia and Scandinavia was not just reclaimed, people lived there and enjoyed themselves, of course, until the last Flood, followed by the great glaciation of an area 6, 000 kilometers in diameter. The exact same picture was drawn at the South Pole of the Earth. The planetary catastrophe literally happened in one day and one night, after which the fourth civilization ceased to exist.

- What killed her?

- Among extraordinary, independent researchers, three points of view prevail on the origin of this disaster. I support the Sumerian cosmogony, according to which on Earth every 12, 500 years, the poles are shifted due to the precession of the Earth's axis. There is a movement of the earth's crust, and every 12, 500 years we "travel across the globe" to another part of the world relative to fixed stars.

The Tomsk researcher N. Novgorodov, on the contrary, believes that the crust does not move, but local glaciation of some territories occurs. With simultaneous warming in other parts of the world. This is a hypothesis recognized by the scientist world.

But the third researcher, the author of the theory "The Fabric of the Universe" V. Kondratov, strongly advocates that the gods-colonizers of the Earth constantly carry out huge large-scale work on the planet to improve the surface of the globe: “The gods are constantly flooding, drying, raking out or adding that required, in different parts of the planet. "

- So, after all, the gods are to blame. It turns out that the Bible contains real events?

- By the way, yes, there is confirmation of this fact in the Bible. I rarely refer to it, but here I will refer to the text of the apocryphal, Syrian Bible. It says that, having learned about the approach of a planetary catastrophe, the gods destroyed their "houses and temples" and flew to heaven. And from there they watched - what was happening. There, in the orbit of the Earth, the huge "Golden House of God" revolved. Jonathan Swift wrote about this, calling it "Flying City". And a large number of confirmations of the presence of cities, workshops, laboratories of the gods can be found in the folk epics of almost the entire population of the Earth.

For example, in the Finnish epic Kalevala there is an incomprehensible "Mill of the Gods". This is a worldwide concept (see the myths of Hindustan). But this is not a Galaxy, as this image is now interpreted. Here, I suppose, we are talking about the so-called "Fabric of the Universe". If we comprehend this ancient knowledge and deploy it in a practical plane, we will be able to receive energy literally from the air. That is why, by the way, researchers do not find internal combustion engines, nuclear power plants, state district power stations, hydroelectric power plants and so on among the artifacts of ancient civilizations. The ancestors did not need them.

- So there were cities in the Polar region?

- Yes! There were huge cities. The Altai epic Maadai-Kara describes majestic buildings and structures with glass windows.

It is curious that the use of wood and metal in building structures is rarely mentioned in the epic. Apparently, the nomadic descendants who retell the epic could not find the appropriate image. This is how they talked, for example, about glass: "We walked on thin, transparent pieces of ice, they crunched loudly, broke, but did not melt."

The center of the Siberian (Trans-Ural) territory of that civilization was the Taimyr Peninsula, in the ancient syllabic script - Ta Bin. This great name is "Heart". That is, Taimyr was the center of civilization. (Well, for example, like the Moscow region is now for Russia.) There, even with the naked eye, you can see the foundations of settlements of a huge area. Ten years ago I talked in Novosibirsk with people who annually visited Taimyr and adjacent territories. They found a prehistoric workshop there. The Sumerians called these "God's" workshops Bad Tiber, that is, "metallurgical plant". My acquaintances did not leave Taimyr without copper and gold. And whoever talks about Taimyr, or Yamal, or the mouth of the Lena River (the city of Tiksi), they all unanimously speak of obvious traces of the structures of an ancient civilization, which were destroyed by an unprecedented force.

- But this destruction brought the waters of the Flood, didn't it?

- Water could do something similar if the Earth rolls over, which happens on the planet (according to the Sumerians and Egyptians) every 25, 900 years. The last time in the obligatory middle of this period, 12, 500 years ago, the North Pole softly and smoothly (on a planetary scale) "crawled" from Hudson Bay to its current location. Independent researchers V.Yu. Koneles, G. Hencock, S. Kremer and many others confirm the "softness" of the cataclysm. At the same time, they are amazed at the power of destruction. The Bible says that "there was just a downpour, and the water rose." One hundred other earthly flood myths also describe the rapid rise of water. But even now the water level in the World Ocean is rising, this is constantly being recorded. It will be especially noticeable when the water floods the lowlands and people have to climb the hills.

- So how, then, were the ancient cities destroyed?

- According to V. Kondratov's hypothesis, the gods destroyed the city of Machu Picchu with water, and it is located at an altitude of three kilometers above sea level! The flood did not reach there, but the destruction there is precisely of a water nature. I believe that the gods used the Inhumu to destroy their high-altitude laboratory, an off-the-shell cigar-shaped aircraft capable of taking 600, 000 cubic meters of water, sand, stones - whatever into its belly at a time. Imagine, if you launch five Inhum devices, they will throw three million tons of water onto a solid stone structure (city) in five seconds. And water is far from a soft material when dropped from a height.

But the picture is completely different with the destruction of coastal objects along the entire coast of the Arctic Ocean! A proton impact was used there. And not alone. I will say that if they hit the shores of the Middle Sea (Arctic Ocean) from the "Golden House of God", then the impact diameter is 500 kilometers. It is not for nothing that in the channels of former Siberian rivers, warped, intertwined, frozen bodies of animals - mammoths, saber-toothed tigers and prehistoric hippos, people, deer and twisted trees - are still found. And the force of the flood has nothing to do with it. The animals escaped the rise in the water level by climbing on the hills, and they were hit from above with a beam and turned, like in a meat grinder. "

There is nothing supernatural in the existence of underground cities in ancient highly developed civilizations, especially since many of the ancient technologies remain inaccessible to us. But this does not prevent our "elite" from creating cities of refuge for themselves and their "servants" around the globe.

This means that ancient myths and legends do not lie. Oral legends, transmitted word for word from generation to generation by the keepers of these legends, cannot be falsified at all, unlike written sources. Yes, and it is possible to destroy oral mythology only together with the people. Fortunately for us, the falsifiers of history did not bother to "clean up" folk tales and legends.

Therefore, it is here that one of the sources of information about the true history of mankind is located. So, it turns out that the myths of many peoples tell about the ancient "war of the gods." And it is possible that the destruction of many ancient megalithic structures is associated with it. Given the scale of this destruction, we can conclude about the destructive power of the "weapon of the gods" It was to protect against this destructive force that the ancient underground cities were created.