How to know if a person is trustworthy

Strong relationships give life much more value, and in business they become invaluable resources such as support and stability. Trust is at the core of these connections. Here are fifteen signs that you are dealing with someone you can trust.

They are consistent and reliable.

A trustworthy person will speak and behave in about the same way in any situation. These people have enough self-control to keep their temper and keep their promises, even if they are tempted to shy away. They never wear different masks or pretend to be who they are, just to impress. If they change their minds, this happens only on the basis of new reliable information, and never out of self-interest. Moreover, what they say usually matches what you hear from others.

They show compassion and humility.

Both of these traits indicate that a person is able to think well of people and does not consider himself more important than someone else. Because they are predominantly outwardly oriented, they are less likely to step on your feet or betray you to get what they want.

They respect boundaries

Reliable people never try to impose their will on others, simply because they don't feel the need to control those around them. They avoid rudeness and impudence, they understand well that "no" means no.

They tend to make concessions and never expect to get anything for anything.

Small concessions and sacrifices show that a person understands that trust can only be mutual. Such people are ready to give something today in order to receive gratitude sometime later. And if they ask you for something, they will definitely show that they understand the value of their request.

They feel at ease, and so are you in their presence.

A person who is pretending, and who is likely to act dishonestly, usually displays some signs of anxiety, such as overly animated facial expressions and gestures. If the person looks casual, they probably have nothing to hide, they are honest and open with you. You will probably feel freer too, because there will be no need to subconsciously choose words and reflect negative signals.

They value and respect time.

Trustworthy people do their best to never be late or cancel plans at the last minute because they know how upset it is to others when promises are broken. They will not try to speed up or, on the contrary, delay, events for their own benefit.

They tend to show gratitude.

Trustworthy people are willing to admit that they cannot do something on their own, and appreciate help and teamwork. They trust others when necessary, even if that means they themselves won't advance as quickly as they deserve.

They admit all the facts, even if it is unpleasant for them.

Truth and transparency are essential to reliable people. They will never lie, say nothing, or invent false information. They will refuse such an opportunity, even if it could jeopardize their reputation or create conflict, believing that conflicts can be resolved through mutual sympathy and honest discussion.

They put their trust in you

Trusting another person without hiding your shortcomings and mistakes means being vulnerable to some extent. Therefore, when someone confides in you, it means that they want you to be honest with them as well.

They are not too materialistic or obsessed with money.

While there is nothing wrong with having different valuable and pleasant things, trustworthy people never put things above people. They are willing to give up what they have, or could have, in order to help another. Financial stability facilitates trust as it reduces the likelihood of being mistreated towards others out of a sense of self-preservation.

They are very true

Because trustworthy people value truth, they always honestly conduct research that leads to verifiable conclusions, so they always have a reputation for giving the right answers.

They turn a deaf ear to bad rumors and gossip.

People you trust don't like guessing about anything or anyone. They prefer to get information straight from the source and let others speak for themselves. They avoid rumors because they know that rumors often hurt other people, not help them. When they do speak, their speech tends to be respectful and empowering.

They love to learn

Trustworthy people know that they don't have all the answers. They are looking for an opportunity to learn and improve themselves constantly, and in the process of this self-improvement they are always ready to share experiences or facts that they managed to find.

You know the people they are associated with and they try to introduce you

Both of these elements indicate that the person values ​​your relationship. They want you to be part of their normal environment and introduce you to people who can help you succeed. Others can confirm or deny what you know about the person. Therefore, the more actively a person introduces you into his circle, the more likely it is that he is not hiding anything from you, including about himself.

They are always ready to listen to you and other people.

Reliable people are ready to listen and support you even when they don't need anything from you. They do their best to be able to help you, no matter what difficulties you face.