Why Americans are so fond of laundries

Today in the United States there are about 40 thousand laundries, their combined income is about $ 5 billion. This begs the question: "Are Americans really so fond of doing laundry?" And where are the household washing machines - after all, judging by their income, they can afford the most sophisticated household appliances. However, we often see in movies how they visit public laundries almost in droves. This issue should be sorted out.

From the history of the spread of laundry in America

The tradition of giving laundry to the laundry appeared in America at the end of the 19th century. Services for washing clothes or other accessories at first cost a lot of money, and only wealthy citizens could afford them. The things put in order were sent by mail to their owners.

In the 30s of the last century, thanks to the proliferation of the self-service system, laundry fees dropped and became affordable for many residents of the States.

In the post-war period, when American well-being grew rapidly, washing machines began to appear in homes. The owners of public "cleanliness salons" were afraid of a decrease in the influx of visitors. However, the client base remained the same large. Over time, the demand for laundries not only did not fall, but also increased significantly. What is the reason for the paradox?

Reasons for the popularity of laundries

Analytical companies in America have come to the conclusion why the citizens of the country prefer to wash in public places. There are several reasons:

Desire to save

Washing in a personal car comes with a number of costs: electricity and water. Laundry services are cheaper.

Out of free space

Housing in America is quite expensive. Many people rent apartments. Tenants often do not agree to the installation of "dangerous household appliances" in the rented premises. There is a fear of car breakdown, short circuits, flooding of neighbors and other troubles. Wealthy citizens wash large items in laundries.

Chatting with friends

Some are sent to wash by the company. It is for such "gatherings" that Wi-Fi is installed there, sofas are placed, there are coffee machines and other little things for convenience and comfort.