What food retains water in the body

Many people know that after eating heavily salted fish, potato chips and sauerkraut, sometimes swelling occurs and water slowly leaves the body. Such food in itself provokes an increased fluid intake and at the same time retains it in the tissues. But it turns out that many "useful" products are also now capable of disrupting the water-salt balance in the body.


American scientists were the first to think about the fact that milk can harm human health and, among other things, retain water in tissues. Colin Campbell, professor at Cornell University, revealed the negative impact of traditional dairy products. Initially, his research was based on data provided by scientists at Harvard University. They proved that 40% of the world's inhabitants have a genetic lactose intolerance, and it is known to be the basis of milk. Basically, intolerance is observed in Asian and some Latin American peoples and it is associated with the fact that their intestines lack an enzyme responsible for processing lactose. However, in recent years, doctors began to observe negative reactions to lactose in typically European representatives of the earth. Intolerance is not so specific and often does not represent a real milk poisoning, as in other peoples. But it was after drinking milk that many people increasingly began to complain of bloating and short-term swelling. Professor Campbell conducted a small test on a group of European-looking volunteers and found that almost all of these students had a serious deficiency in the enzyme that converts lactose. The reason why this intestinal problem arose has also interested other scientists. Nowadays, there are several theories of the gradual death of the lacta-enzyme, originally laid in the human body, and one of them is considered the most probable. The development of the pharmacological market and the emergence of new groups of antibiotics that are used to treat and maintain immunity, in the long term, will lead to the destruction of not only the lacta enzyme, but also some other beneficial bacteria in the human intestine.


Yoghurts, as you know, do not contain lactose, but recently, lovers of these products have also begun to notice edema on their bodies. Why such negative consequences appear after such a healthy meal, Israeli scientists from the Weizmann Multidisciplinary Research Institute became interested. They routinely tested more than a dozen samples of very popular in Europe, as well as less expensive local yoghurt products, and noticed a general trend. Almost all manufacturers began to use modified starch instead of natural starch as thickeners. However, such a substance not only retains water in the body, but also often causes fermentation in the intestines. This does not cause serious harm to the body, but such a product cannot be called useful either. For people striving to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is now better to exclude any yoghurts from their diet. Modified starch is much cheaper than its natural counterpart, and it is not surprising that due to the widespread economic crisis, many world manufacturers have changed the composition of their products.


Rice and chicken make up the daily diet of almost all athletes in the world. White chicken meat is considered a healthy, dietary product and usually does not contain any harmful substances. Nevertheless, Polish researchers turned to this product as well, having received a lot of negative reviews from consumers lately. Among other things, they indicate that after eating chicken meat, it becomes more difficult for people who play sports to remove excess fluid from their bodies. Scientists from the National Foundation for Public Health, based at the Vincent Pohl University of Social Sciences in Lublin, have found that modern chicken meat contains a huge amount of sodium - per 100 grams of product - 100 - 180 milligrams, depending on the manufacturer. And this despite the fact that the permissible amount of sodium intake in an adult should not exceed 2300 milligrams, taking into account all the foods eaten per day. It is known that excess sodium in the body causes the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues. Thus, Polish scientists concluded that modern chicken meat is no longer a dietary product designed to maintain good physical shape.