What to see in Barcelona - tips from a real estate website in Spain

Barcelona is one of the European "pearls", founded in the 3rd century BC. military commander from Carthage. For more than 2 thousand years of history, the city was ruled by the Romans and Moors, the descendants of the Frankish kings and Visigoths. And all this time the city developed and flourished, attracting everything new, original and rich.

That is why the attractions in Barça are so diverse and unique at the same time. This is what a tourist should see in order to get to know better and understand the culture and history of this ancient city.

Temples and Cathedrals

The diversity, incredible beauty, splendor in performance will enchant those who have become acquainted with the temples of Barcelona. They are the main attractions of Barcelona, ​​which it is impossible to pass by. And the most luxurious of them, of course, is the Sagrada de Familia by Antoni Gaudi. This colossal structure has continued to be built for more than 130 years, exclusively with donation money. Both the external decoration and the interiors surprise with the originality of forms and the unusual designs characteristic of the architect Gaudí.

Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is home to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Its Gothic spiers rise proudly above the surrounding buildings.

Temple of the Sacred Heart. On Mount Tibidabo, the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Christ rises above the city. A distinctive feature of the building is the 7-meter statue of Jesus crowning the tallest tower.

Antoni Gaudi and Barcelona.

The name of this world famous architect is inextricably linked with Barsa. Throughout his life, he worked in the name of his city. Therefore, 9 top attractions in Barcelona are inextricably linked with his name:

  • House Vicens is the first significant work of the master, reminiscent of the Moorish style with its riot of colors and ornaments.
  • Pavilion of the Güell estate with wrought-iron dragons on the gate. Moreover, the master made it so that when the gate was opened, the monster began to move.
  • Palais Güell with unusual chimney towers visible in the distance.

    College of the Order of St. Teresa - the most "classic" architectural building of the master.

  • House Calvet became the most "ordinary" creation of Gaudí.
  • The House of Figueres is a gothic palace with an unusual roof, reminiscent of camouflage from afar. The approach to it was also carried out by the master in his usual technique - it was placed on the vaults with inclined gentle columns.
  • Park Guell is one of the most famous works by an architect. Gingerbread doll houses, unusual paths paved with colored majolica, magnificent gardens, harmoniously combined with arcades, arches and awnings. All this was created for the inhabitants of Catalonia. But the project was subsequently rebuilt as a recreation area. And now here, between the fountains in the form of salamanders, the townspeople and guests of Barcelona relax in the coolness.
  • Casa Batlló, also called the House of the Dragon, is an unusual building that you want to consider and study every bend of its facade for an infinitely long time.
  • The House of Mila is the last secular architectural structure of the master's hand, after the construction of which he was fully engaged in the construction of the Sagrada Den Familia.

Naturally, the unique places of Barcelona are not limited only by the hand of an eminent master. There are also other interesting objects here. But you should be prepared for the fact that it is impossible to get around even Park Guell in one day. Therefore, those who direct here, it is better to use the services of special sites.

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For those who like active rest

Barcelona is a great choice for those who love a beach holiday. The city, stretched out on the Balearic Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean, is the best choice for relaxing on the coast. Available for tourists:

  • water rides;
  • jet skis;
  • sea kayak trips;
  • sailing yachts out to sea;
  • paddle surfing;
  • parasailing;
  • flight in a light two-seater plane, from which you can explore the surroundings of the city and the sea;
  • the ubiquitous banana;
  • numerous water parks with developed infrastructure.

All this is located on the most famous beaches of the city - Barcelonetta, San Sebastias, San Miguel, Marta Bella, Bogatel, Somorrostro.

For lovers of cultural property

Those who want to get acquainted with the history and culture of the Spanish city are recommended to visit:

  • Montserrat Monastery, which has a thousand-year history and is the home of Benedictine monks. It is located in an amazingly beautiful mountainous area on the slope of the gorge. The buildings of the monastery seem to be cut into the mountain, they are so close to them.
  • Montjuïc Fortress - fortifications and a watchtower of the city, built in the 16th century.
  • The Palace of Catalan Music has an original hall with Art Nouveau interiors. Visitors are not left indifferent by stained glass windows, both on the windows and on the ceiling, numerous carved wooden elements, unusual columns and lamps that resemble bunches of grapes.
  • Art Museum of Catalonia. There is a palace complex on Montjuïc mountain, the building of which is occupied by an art museum. Here you can see the works of Velazquez, El Greco, Caravaggio, Hieronymus Bosch and other masters from different eras. There is also an extensive collection of works from wood, coins, medals, engravings, photographs, old banknotes.
  • Picasso Museum - in addition to the master's paintings, exhibitions of prints, photographs and ceramics are exhibited here.
  • The Christopher Columbus Monument is located on the Ramblas.
  • Gothic Quarter - wandering through the narrow streets above which there are balconies and arches in the medieval style, decorated with Moorish ornaments and lattices, you can feel like in the distant past.
  • The Spanish Village is a must see for every tourist who wants to experience Spain. This open-air museum contains old buildings from all parts of the country. It was erected about 100 years ago, preserving the cultural identity of each region.

But this is not all that can surprise a tourist. Heading here for a vacation with children, it is worth visiting the Camp Nou stadium and the city aquarium, which recreates 14 ecosystems from all over the world. In the evening you can enjoy a delightful show of the magic fountain of Montjuic, which shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow due to the built-in lighting. And for lovers of various culinary delights, it is better to go to the Boqueria market - the generosity of the Mediterranean will shock any gourmet.

Spain, together with such a picturesque city like Barcelona, ​​will not be able to leave people who come here indifferent.