Where to go to a tourist in St. Petersburg after a busy excursion day

As soon as they do not call St. Petersburg: the brainchild of Peter the Great, the cultural capital of Russia, the Russian Venice. This is the second largest city in our country. But this is not its beauty: not every city in the world can boast of such an abundance of attractions: museums, theaters, estates and castles, monuments, cozy squares and parks. Peter has an excellent literary, musical and architectural heritage. St. Petersburg is also called the city of bridges: it is crossed by about 65 rivers and canals. Now in this city there are 580 bridges, among which about two dozen are drawbridges.

But this is not the main thing that Peter can boast of. This city is distinguished by its unique indescribable atmosphere. This is how it attracts many tourists who can often hear the phrase: "open your heart to the city and it will open for you." Whenever you come here: in the season of heavy rains or summer heat, in frost or slush - St. Petersburg will accept anyone as a child.

There is a widespread belief that Peter is the new Berlin, i.e. a city full of young people. They have no money, but they always have a lot of free time. And this should certainly be used! Therefore, in this city there are a lot of institutions where you can while away this time: pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget. It is easier here than in the capital to open your own establishment with more capital investments, and soon they become new attractions of the northern capital of Russia.

Pubs in St. Petersburg (choose them here) are small comfortable restaurants where young people often spend time with the aim of having a snack, drinking beer, watching a broadcast of a sports match, chatting with friends or other visitors who are nearby at the bar. Initially, pubs served as a place where travelers rested, and they also brewed their ale or beer here. Nowadays, pubs have begun to function as drinking establishments. Unlike pubs, bars usually have a party and party atmosphere. The atmosphere of the pubs is more relaxed and cozy. Although, of course, these places are not devoid of funny events, fun and new acquaintances.

Another place in St. Petersburg that you should definitely look into is the Moscow restaurant https://spb.tomesto.ru/places/moskva--2. This place is located far from the last position in the guidebooks and guides of St. Petersburg. The advantages of this restaurant are that in comparison with the popular establishments "Mansard" and "Terrace", "Moscow" is more democratic. Also, the view from the window of this restaurant overlooks Nevsky Prospekt, crowded with people and the atmosphere of bustling life. The interior is made in a comfortable home style. This is facilitated by low comfortable sofas, shelves with transparent cans and wooden tubs. Several open kitchens are located here, which differ from one another in their culinary characteristics. The Moscow restaurant will be happy to please the client with a wide range of excellent dishes from many cuisines of the world: from dumplings and grilled dishes to sushi.

In addition to the cozy interior, inviting relaxation and excellent cuisine, it is worth noting the fun parties on the roof of the restaurant in the summer. This is a great place to dance on the court, go down below and relax with a drink while enjoying the beautiful views of the city.