Historic Rumeli Feneri Village in Istanbul

Rumeli Feneri is an ancient, historical site of Istanbul that is revered in myths. The rocks located next to this landmark have become legendary under the name of Semplegada. It was through them that the famous Argonauts, led by Jason, using the advice of Phineus, were able to swim over them, since, as myths say, the Semplegades used to be able to move and deliberately drowned seafarers. After the Argonauts ship passed between them, the rocks stopped where they were at the moment, and remained so forever.

The territory of Rumeli Feneri is a village located in the northern part of the Bosphorus Cape, for which Turkey fought for a long time with neighboring states. The village was named after the lighthouse, which was built here by the French back in 1855 (from Turkish fener - lighthouse). Nevertheless, similar structures stood near the village and in general in this area even before this name was assigned to it. For example, one of the maps of the atlas created by Ali Majar Reis indicates a lighthouse at the same place, although the atlas itself was drawn in the 16th century.

From afar, especially from the sea side, you can see an old, dilapidated castle on Rumeli Feneri. It was built in the 17th century; in those days, it was a military fort, protecting the territory from ship attacks, since the 17th century was Golden for pirates. It was then that the criminals profited from the unprotected and poorly guarded outskirts of different countries. At the time of the fort's operation, up to 300 soldiers lived here with rich stores of food and weapons.

Ancient records that have survived to this day tell of 110 steps that lead to Rumeli Feneri. According to what was written, from dusk to dawn, about one and a half kilograms of dolphin fat were burned here. Also in these places there is still a belief that if the oil lamp of the dervish (beggar wanderer) Sara Saltyk goes out, then the lighthouse will go out with her.

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