Large format printing - types, areas of use

Competition in business is high, so the issue of competent promotion of goods and services does not lose its relevance. It is important for any company to conduct an effective advertising campaign. Outdoor advertising comes to the rescue of an entrepreneur in this matter, one of the effective technologies of which is large-format printing. Agree that an attractive banner, attention-grabbing information will clearly tell about the business, demonstrate a brand or product in a favorable light.

Where wide format technology is applicable

In addition to advertising, large format printing can be used in other areas. For example, a bright poster will help to congratulate relatives and friends, to decorate the interior. For office and organizational activities, most often they use the printing of folders online, with the company logo. They use products printed using large format printing technology for various festivals, rallies and festive processions. Such media are quite affordable in terms of price, and allow you to tell about yourself, your company, showing individuality in the eyes of a large audience, be it a house, district, street or city.

About technology

A solvent printer is used to print wide format products, which ensures high quality. Such equipment will help to produce both a small graphic object for the interior (a picture, a diagram, a drawing, a photo wallpaper), and large advertising media, for example, stretch marks, which are in demand on the scale of an urban environment, as well with the help of this equipment, urgent printing of flyers in large quantities is possible, so as the speed of the printer is quite high.

What materials are used

Technologies allow printing on different types of surfaces. Use:

- paper (plain, thick, matte, glossy);

- a film of any density;

- banner mesh (different mesh);

- various types of fabric (canvas, synthetic, silk).

The surface texture of the material does not matter. Use solutions for matte, glossy, cellular, translucent (reflective) surface types. In addition, the surface is treated with special compounds that increase wear resistance, preserve the integrity of materials for a long time and provide clarity and brightness of the image. All this helps entrepreneurs to effectively organize an advertising campaign, and designers - to find non-trivial solutions for any interiors.

When printing this type, special inks are used. They do not fade and provide accurate color reproduction of images. Sometimes they use paint with the effect of light reflection, texture inclusions, "chameleon" (it changes its shade depending on the lighting). All this makes it possible to achieve interesting solutions, to produce volumetric images and make the products more spectacular.

Customers can provide their own layouts, but the printing industry is ready to provide the services of a professional designer who will consult on the selection of the optimal medium and the method of its placement.

Wide format products are in such demand today that many printing companies have made large format printing their main activity. Customers can only choose the one that can guarantee high quality services and reasonable prices.