Music trains the mind

So, fellow musicians who like to spend their free time playing their favorite instrument. I want to congratulate you, scientists have conducted an experiment among workers of all professions, musicians are smarter than everyone else. About how scientists figured out, and what it means, music for the mind, read in this article.

The study was carried out using encephalography, its task is to track the activity of the brain.

So, three people studying this phenomenon, the American Frederick Travis, the Norwegian Harald Harung and the Swede Yvonne Lagrossen. These scientists have found that the brain of people who are engaged in music (do not confuse listening) is more developed than that of other people and representatives of other professions. It follows from this that musicians are more capable of learning, memorizing new information and have a more holistic idea of ​​the picture of the world.

Comrade musicians, remember that during the study of the brains of musicians, it was found that our frontal lobes are better developed than others. But what does this mean for us?

Musicians have good ability to think logically and plan, musicians are more often than other people looking for several ways to solve the same problem.

Another feature of musicians is the dominance of alpha waves. They allow you to better fit the details into a coherent whole, and see the world more holistically. It was also found that the musician has an increased frequency of peak experiences, and almost all the time, even in a dream.

What exactly these peak experiences mean is not known for certain, but Maslow is the discoverer of this phenomenon. In short, this phenomenon raises emotions and improves the perception of the world around you, and also makes the world more interesting.

And finally, music is a great workout for the mind, and in 2008, researchers proved that musicians have a higher IQ level than other people. Therefore, the SVtech channel has selected several high-quality playlists for you to listen to at home, on vacation and on the road.

Make music and become very smart, which will improve your quality of life.