Rest in the city of Side, hotel selection

The small but very lively city of Side is one of the oldest settlements in Turkey. It was founded in 7 BC. e. Greeks are colonists. There are no large five-star hotels in the very center, they are built near the town. Tourists arriving with their families have chosen the Kumkoy Bay, with an excellent entry into the sea. You can relax in this wonderful city by buying anex tour last minute tours to turkey, in which everything is included for little money.

All local hotels are not new buildings, therefore they occupy a spacious territory, are comfortable and beautiful. If you move to the west of Side, to the Chokala resorts, then there you can already meet comfortable 4 and 5 star hotels, with fewer green areas. To the east of Side there are pine forests called the Sorgun zone. These dense forests are surrounded by large hotel-clubs.

The beaches in Side are sandy and pebbly, there are levels of the first entry to the sea, there are second levels, up to 700 meters - tourists are brought there by buses. In general, Side in Turkey offers a good to average level of service. The hotel is perfectly adapted for family holidays

Sunrise Resort

... There is a huge water park, programs for children are intelligently developed, the hotel has its own zoo and stables. You can even take riding lessons there.


Tyran Prince

you will be offered just a great breakfast, there are amusement parks and many fun attractions that will already be prepaid and included in your holiday. The beach at the hotel is pebbly.

The hotel is especially popular with tourists with children.


5 stars. It is relatively cheap and packed with a variety of entertainment for toddlers and older children: an amusement park, trampolines, a water park, movies on a huge screen.

One of the most fashionable and, of course, expensive hotels can be called

Sunrise Queen

five*. We can say that the service here is much higher than in other hotels in Turkey. For those who appreciate quality and do not look at the price, it will suit perfectly. Luxurious food and well-groomed area will not leave you indifferent.

For fans of a simple budget holiday, hotels are a good choice.

Monacus Park

5 *, Washington, Selge Beach

five*. Entertainment is rich, comfortable rooms, good food at affordable prices.

For the youngest tourists, we recommend staying in hotels with sandy beaches and shallow access. Best fit


5 * or

Kaya Side

five*. The bottom there is also sandy, like the sunset, but in the rest of the beaches of the hotels, the bottom is mostly pebble. If you want to breathe in the relict pine forest, then choose a hotel