Healthy sleep

It is important for everyone because during sleep, the nerve cells of the brain are cleared of harmful substances.

Lack of sleep reduces brain performance, concentration, and immunity.

How to sleep properly:


⁃ posture affects the stability of the spine, blood supply to the brain, breathing efficiency, heart function, etc.

⁃ the best - lying on your back (better for the spine and allows the skin of the face to breathe, does not cause snoring and belching).

⁃ if you sleep on your stomach, then - put a small pillow under your stomach and not under your head, bend your knee to open your hips and relieve the spine.

⁃ if on your side - extend your shoulder slightly forward so as not to disrupt the blood supply and align the pillow so that it does not raise your head too much and support it.

Time: 8 hours

Mattress: non-toxic with a high level of firmness. Must be changed every 7 years.

Pillow: it is better to use an orthopedic pillow, it should not be too large. You only need to sleep on one.

Bed: should be 15-20 cm longer than your height.

Other factors:

⁃ Fresh air.

⁃ the room temperature should not exceed 22 ° C.

⁃ proper nutrition: before going to bed, do not eat fatty foods, alcohol and coffee.