Celestial Whale - a concept of a three-deck aircraft giant

New aircraft concept from designer Oscar Vynals called Sky Whale looks more like a creation for a transformer movie than a real plane. However, all of its bizarre shapes are actually engineered to reduce drag and lift this three-deck giant into the sky.

The Celestial Whale is equipped with four main engines, two of which are located in the tail of the aircraft. All engines can be rotated up to 45 degrees, which will be of great help during takeoff. And a unique turbo-electric hybrid system will give the aircraft the power it needs. In addition, solar panels are installed on the roof of the liner.

To accommodate 755 passengers, the author of the concept has provided as many as three decks. First class passengers will be given the upper floor, the middle one will go to the business class, and the lowest one - for the economy class. All passengers will be able to enjoy a quiet and fast flight and short take-offs and landings.

Whether the concept will ever become a reality remains a question. And Oscar Vynals has his next idea ready - a space tourism liner (Space Whale?).