Developed a pocket drone for amateur photographers

Until now, many believe that drones are used exclusively for military purposes. In fact, they are increasingly found quite peaceful activities, for example, photography and video filming.

AirDroids has managed to create a small drone called the Pocket Drone that can fly a high-quality camera while still being compact enough to fit in a pocket. Its main "weapon" is a camera for high-altitude photography and video filming (for example, GoPro) and a battery with three small motors, providing a 20-minute flight.

The novelty is very compact, and when folded is commensurate with a small 7-inch tablet. Flight preparation takes 20 seconds. The flight can be controlled using a special remote control or from any Android device. The cost of a pocket drone is within $ 500.

The only downside to the pocket drone is that it is in the fundraising phase on Kickstarter. Nevertheless, the project has already managed to collect 10 times the amount required to start production.