US Navy to begin naval testing of electromagnetic cannon in 2016

The prototype electromagnetic gun or railgun will be installed aboard the Millinocket high-speed multipurpose catamaran. Its principle of operation is based on the use of electromagnetic force (Lorentz force) to launch a projectile, which is installed between two guides.

At the same time, the initial velocity at the exit from the barrel is significantly higher than that of conventional artillery pieces and can reach 8500 km / h. This increases the firing range and kinetic energy of the projectile, which no longer needs to be equipped with a propellant charge.

JHSV-3 Millinocket

The electromagnetic gun will be used to destroy surface, air and ground targets at a relatively low cost of operation. The project cost the US Defense Department $ 200 million. General Atomics and BAE Systems took part in its development. Currently, work is underway to create a powerful power plant that will be able to launch guided multipurpose projectiles from a ship at a distance of over 200 kilometers.